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Synonyms for anagram

a word or phrase spelled by rearranging the letters of another word or phrase

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read letters out of order to discover a hidden meaning

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Justin Timberlake provides the rather plaintive "I'm a jerk but listen", Clint Eastwood is "old West action", wordsmith William Shakespeare offers "I'll make a wise phrase" while writer T S Eliot would no doubt have had a rueful smile when told his name was the anagram for "toilets".
Anagram was founded in 2015 with the goal of bringing clients a fully transparent approach to programmatic marketing, with a focus on customers taking an insourced operating model.
The anagram message released by the author was the first sentence of a synopsis of the movie.
He said: "I didn't know her name was an anagram of Anfield but my wife has told me that people here in Liverpool say that when I kiss my wrist, I'm doing it because I have 'Anfield' on there.
The controversial forward said he didn't know her name was an anagram of Anfield but his wife has told him that people here in Liverpool say that when he kiss his wrist, he is doing it because he has 'Anfield' on there.
Rearrange the words on the shooting stars to create eight space-related anagrams that match the given clues.
Given Newcastle's lengthy sick-list, is it any surprise that Europa League is an anagram of 'pale Euro ague'?
Anagram task instruction The four participants were seated in two rows of two chairs placed side by side approximately one meter in front of the rear screen.
As language dissolved beneath her anagram system, from the merely puzzling ("Armature Nesting Plot") toward the near breakdown of meaning ("Purr Last Omega Intent"), abstract rhythms took over as pure sound forms.
Theseniorofficerheading Operation Anagram - the inquiry into Tobin's crimes - has also called for anyone who thinks they may have new information on Tobin to contact them.
Police have set up a UK-wide probe, Operation Anagram, to investigate whether Tobin is linked to dozens of unsolved murders.
Sloblock" is a ribald anagram and was the source of a much-loved private joke between Vorderman and the show's former host Richard Whiteley.
This online anagram machine will sort out jumbled letters into a point-scoring answer.
Anagram balances classicism with typical modern flourishes such as turned-in feet and bent wrists.
The task-specific self-efficacy (TSSE) scale was adapted from the NGSE and consists of eight items that inquire about one's specific beliefs regarding one's ability to perform an anagram task (e.