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But Anubis may also be read as a form of scripture whose exegesis reveals literal, allegorical and anagogical interpretations.
It did not occur to me until a week after I finished the Commedia why Dante's anagogical strategy had been so effective in helping me resolve my own psychological crisis.
signified something divinely imprinted in itself which might lead on to allegorical, tropological, maybe even anagogical insights into the history of salvation; the Historia was written under pressure from its anticipated Benedictine audience.
Light in Tiepolo's Hound--be it physical, spiritual, painted or remembered--finally reveals itself as the most dense metaphor, or the metaphor for metaphor, a partly virtual and partly actual entity that may be understood by analogy with Dante's theorisation of the multiple meanings, layers or facets of poetic language: the literal, the allegorical, the moral, and the anagogical.
Embodiment and Virtue in Gregory of Nyssa: An Anagogical Approach.
One of the ways Wise bolsters this claim is by contrasting Derrida's relationship to figuration and allegory in the context of Jerusalem with the four-part Christian allegorical exegesis: literal, allegorical, moral, anagogical.
Ultimately, Charles Wallace's acceptance of Gaudior's anagogical, or spiritually allegorical, significance subverts the traditional hero's insistence on a reality within which s/he can exert autonomy.
Thus at an anagogical level the Third Boy's gift of a lowly shepherd's pipe reflects the divine dynamics of (g)lo(ria)'s aurality, bestowing upon God the prerogative to summon mankind into resurrected presence with the blast of a trumpet at the end of history.
can be transported from this inferior to that higher world in an anagogical manner (Suger in Panovsky 1970 149).
It posits three spiritual meanings beyond the literal, or letter of the text: the allegorical, tropological (or moral), and anagogical (or mystical).
January does not merely read the spiritual or abstract meaning as literal or concrete; more precisely, he reads the anagogical as literal.
He cannot free himself from conscience (which in any case, from O'Connor's vantage, is no freedom at all); he abandons the experiential perception of sight for a purely anagogical vision; he is made to recognize his utter powerlessness beside the presence of God without; and he is brought to a profound and painful acceptance of guilt, a debt that he alone cannot pay.
Indeed there are quite a few cases of secular cantus firmi or even of short citations within a mass movement or section for which a Christian allegory or even anagogical reading might seem a bit forced, if not wishful.
They may be axiological (concerning relative values), deontological (moral values), epistemological (how much is knowable), or anagogical (spiritual progress--see Dante's letter to Cangrande della Scala).
Beyond exegesis, this eerie scene invites anagogical interpretation.