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based on or exemplifying anagoge


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This is the reason, I think, that Jerusalem is--despite the critical history of anagogic readings and allegations of the poem's spiritual madness--so resolutely embedded in the materiality of early nineteenth-century London.
William Anderson (1982, 39, 203) describes Horace's comic style, on the one hand, as not merely an expression of his abiding wit, but also as a socially "constructive" and "humane" mode, and Juvenal's style, on the other, as iconoclastic, even anagogic, tragically decrying both the degenerate world of Rome and the degenerate human race as a whole.
As a providential and singular principle encapsulating even the lowest hierarchic entity, humankind, this supreme divine being permits syncronization of the soul so that anagogic union turns out to be a reality.
The story works at the realistic, allegorical, moral, and anagogic levels.
These four roughly correspond, the essay suggests, with the four traditional levels of interpretation--pshat, remez, d'rash, and sod--about which the Rabbis speak or the four levels about which Christian hermeneuts speak: plain sense, allegorical, moral, and anagogic.
He asserted that the "complete insight" that a reader can achieve through the anagogic sense--which he understood as an apprehension of "the world of eternity and Christ in glory"--"is not a jump to a Manichean moment" (1960/2004, p.
LE MOINE, Roy Emanuel, The anagogic Theology of Wittgenstein's <<Tractatus>>.
We can be Diachronic and/or Episodic, Narrative and/or non-Narrative in our exposition, or we can be primarily Dramatic or Analogic or Anagogic or any number of other things, so long as we are faithful to the self (assuming it is fidelity we are aiming for), in each of our necessarily limited ways.
8) The utopian quality of Constable's ecumenical hopes might be seen as the political side of a desire for anagogic union with God expressed throughout his devotional verse.
In this way different levels of allegorical reading are set up, from the anagogic to the literal, but they are fragmentary, and the real disrupts the symbolic (the tacky elements around the crucifix) just as the symbolic haunts the real (the amorous bodies over the 9/11 reports).
By enveloping itself in an impermeable boundary, turning its attention away from lateral concerns and toward the correspondence of its world with a higher one, the pastoral establishes itself in an anagogic register, encouraging allegorical uses and making it the natural mode of Platonic philosophy and Christian allegory.
phases of anagogic myth, with its poles of apocalyptic and demonic
which banned in the Roman Empire all beliefs and cults save the Christian--the mysteries, like a secret stream, went underground, while the same symbols that were there being employed in rites of initiation as anagogic metaphors were enforced officially, above ground, as reports of hard historic fact" (Joseph Campbell, The Masks of God: Creative Mythology, Viking Press, 1968).
Great poetry resists the trimming off of the roots of language, the breaking off of that mysterious connection between literal and anagogic of which Dante spoke.
Also, where Ermenrich does venture into the realm of historical facts (the Bonifatian mission, Charlemagne's beneficium, the site of Solnhofen), he immediately retreats into the more esoteric arena of exegesis and allegory (the anagogic landscape, the mystical meaning of the saint's name, the spiritual transformation of the anchorite).