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based on or exemplifying anagoge


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This is the reason, I think, that Jerusalem is--despite the critical history of anagogic readings and allegations of the poem's spiritual madness--so resolutely embedded in the materiality of early nineteenth-century London.
phases of anagogic myth, with its poles of apocalyptic and demonic
which banned in the Roman Empire all beliefs and cults save the Christian--the mysteries, like a secret stream, went underground, while the same symbols that were there being employed in rites of initiation as anagogic metaphors were enforced officially, above ground, as reports of hard historic fact" (Joseph Campbell, The Masks of God: Creative Mythology, Viking Press, 1968).
Great poetry resists the trimming off of the roots of language, the breaking off of that mysterious connection between literal and anagogic of which Dante spoke.
Also, where Ermenrich does venture into the realm of historical facts (the Bonifatian mission, Charlemagne's beneficium, the site of Solnhofen), he immediately retreats into the more esoteric arena of exegesis and allegory (the anagogic landscape, the mystical meaning of the saint's name, the spiritual transformation of the anchorite).
Some have even outdone Kierkegaard and seen both creation and art as the Chartres sculptor did, as both dense and mysterious, gratuitous, anagogic, and sacramental, e.
His mouthful of dirt is therefore anagogic to any eye that loves him, though what the eye will see is not heavenly purity but the fullness of this world before order demanded dirt's exclusion.
Mellard, "Faulkner's Commedia: Synedoche and Anagogic Symbolism in The Sound and the Fury," Journal of English and Germanic Philology, 83 (1984), 534-546.
The Black Christ of Musami," "The Men in the Middle," and "Things We'd Rather Not Talk About" are reflections on the concept of enemy and fraternity in wartime, with the narration concentrating on human actions as products from diabolic or anagogic forces capable of issuing from friend or foe.
This anagogic impulse is sustained in poems throughout the volume.
He criticizes persuasively the medieval four senses of Scripture and concludes that the allegorical, moral, and anagogic are subdivisions of the spiritual sense.
These well-made reprints offer would-be readers ready access to Called to be Saints: The Minor Festivals Devotionally Studied (1881), Letter and Spirit: Notes on the Commandments (1883), Time Flies: A Reading Diary (1885), and The Face of the Deep: A Devotional Commentary on the Apocalypse (1892), as well as Keaton's comments in the introduction on Rossetti's anagogic use, along lines advocated by John Keble and others, of natural images, which supplemented Rossetti's appeals to history, literature, legend, anecdote, and the remarks of friends.
11) Like Kartiganer, I find literary affinities for each original section of the novel: Benjy's with pastoral romance and a dramatic mode of presentation; Quentin's with tragedy and a lyric mode of presentation; Jason's with satire and an oral mode of narration; the fourth with anagogic comedia (commedia) and a pictorial mode.
Such a negative viewpoint shows that Williams has missed the moral and anagogic dimensions of White's allegory.
She states in her last chapter (before the Afterword) that Plato and Platonism is "dominated by the anagogic mind that 'comprehends' all the divided forms of life in time" (281), which seems to me an unaccountable interpretation.