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a mystical or allegorical interpretation (especially of Scripture)

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It did not usually replace the simple transliteration anagoge till rather late.
Thus, according to Iamblichus schema it is not that demonic magic is irrelevant for the theurgists' endeavour anagoge X.
116 notes 'thurgy as a dynamic state of mind, varying from individual to individual and additionally undergoing constant charge according to the thurgists' state of mind; The authority of Iamblichus, in relation to thurgy is sifficient testimony of its intellectual dimension which more or less accelerate the enterprise of anagoge.
MAGALLON (71) ha recogido formas y expresiones que harian referencia a la primer fase interpretativa; littera, historia, superficies, simpliciter, ueritas historiae, fundamenta historiae, iuxta Hebraeos y tambien nuestra ([seccion] 6 n4) Hebraica ueritas; la segunda fase estaria representada por spiritus, sensus, sacramenta, medulla, prophetia, iuxta tropologiam, figura, figuraliter, anagoge, typus, mysterium.
Further evidence that vitamin D anagoges have anticancer effects, was reported in (International Journal of Cancer 122, 2699-2706 (2008)) This study found that non-kidney cells can also hydroxylate 25(OH)D, implying that higher 25(OH) D levels could protect against cancer in local sites.