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a cleric in the minor orders of the Eastern Orthodox Church who reads the lessons aloud in the liturgy (analogous to the lector in the Roman Catholic Church)

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Last year Anagnost talked about automation not as a threat but as an opportunity to make more things, make them better, and with less negative impact on the world.
Temporality allows us to unpack racial biopolitics and think through how whiteness is figured in terms of urgency and generational vertigo--irrevocable generational change (Anagnost, 2008; Cole and Durham, 2008; Smith, 2013).
Anthropologist Ann Anagnost (1997) says narratives of nation must be constantly reworked in an always tenuous and unstable attempt to achieve this "impossible unity" (pp.
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The company's senior vice-president of sales and marketing, Andrew Anagnost, said the move would allow it to deliver "greater flexibility and more value" from software packages.
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The plans will be particularly attractive to freelancers, startup businesses, or those that are project-based, said Andrew Anagnost, senior vice president of industry strategy and marketing at Autodesk.
Ana Anagnost analyzes the commodification of Chinese peasants' blood in the Henan countryside during the 1980s and 1990s through Marx's metaphor of capital as the vampire that drains surplus value from living labour.
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