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18) Zone compliments the action in Spy Kids 3-D for being set constantly in the stereo window, avoiding the common problems of "color fringing and ghosting" in anaglyphic 3-D.
For instance, Minoru (Japanese word that stands for "Reality"), world's first 3D camera [25] can be successfully used in combination with The Voice, to create a stereoscopic anaglyphic processing of the reality that can be transferred to visually-handicapped subjects through auditory perceptions.
A trial lens frame held the lenses containing both the manifest refraction and red-blue anaglyphic lenses.
The technique, changing all color images to black-and-white before transforming them into anaglyphic images, meant that not every photo in the original book was a good candidate for 3D.
Stereoscopic Camera Support: Quickly create anaglyphic effects with customizable eyeglass color schemes for true 3D stereoscopic effects.
While Shaw and Torontobased Corus are committed to developing content, advancing the technology to support it and expanding 3-D offerings, their eagerness to get the jump on competitors means initial programming will be delivered via the anaglyphic process, requiring customers to wear "red-and-blue" glasses--not the ultimate 3-D TV experience.
It is responsible for all lenticular imaging, from large format displays to mass produced promotional items, and other 3D media such as 3D TV and anaglyphic imaging.
Thanks to advancements in 3D display technology, end-users can now enjoy viewing images captured with the 3D VuCAM(TM) on glasses-free 3D displays or on standard PC monitors using anaglyphic glasses.
A collection of 21 interviews with cinematographers, producers, camera technicians, writers, and directors who have worked with twin-strip, anaglyphic, 15/70 IMAX 3-D, and digital cinema production and exhibition.
The red/green anaglyphic stereoscopic print is also thought to be the last complete unfaded example to exist in any of the film archives.