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moving or still pictures in contrasting colors that appear three-dimensional when superimposed

anything carved in low relief

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Furthermore, he does not neglect to mention that a polarized version of the film exists, conceding to the critics who advocated for a polarized version over the anaglyph, but that he was hindered in that there were no theaters--outside of large-format--who could release a polarized version.
The mono mode of visualization is named as PL-DTRI and the anaglyph mode is termed as AN-DTRI (Table 2).
In this research project, DEM image with county boundaries, 1-km land cover with county boundaries, 3-dimensional anaglyph map, river basin maps, environmental facility maps, and animated fly-over maps were created.
This CD includes many more images taken during the creation of the book as part of a historical collection of more than 1,000 modern stereo pairs and anaglyphs.
com)-- Inner Maldives Holidays announces the launch of first ever Anaglyph 3D tourism hotels brochure of the Maldives at ITB Berlin this year.
The software supports viewing with anaglyph (red/blue) glasses, and through a partnership with GRilli3D(TM), users can also watch "glasses-free".
Mr Hocking discussed the different types of 3D available, ranging from those anaglyph two-colour glasses to the polarised ones today used in cinemas and the "active shutter glasses" used with 3D televisions.
Vuzix said that the cable is the first on the market to support 3-D video in all three major anaglyph modes when presented side-by-side interlaced.
An example of an anaglyph can be seen in Figure 2, the German trench system at Esen (2km east of Diksmuide).
Specifically, this project integrates various scattered GIS data sets, creates secondary maps such as draped shaded relief maps and 3-D anaglyph maps, provides the data via the Web, and develops an efficient GIS database management system using the Web-based Active Server Page technology.
Because of the many nooks and crannies in the anaglyph (medallion), sanding is not practical.
With its flexible and programmable output image format, the eSP768 chip supports various kinds of 3D displays using Anaglyph, Shuttered, Polarized and Auto-stereoscopy (Lenticular and Parallax Barrier) technologies.
In particular, said 3D programs are available also in 2D compatible version and in 3D Anaglyph for 2D screens.
Other APA partners presenting their solutions at JEC Europe 2014 include Anaglyph and e-Xstream.
Presentations can be run directly on any non-3D display through the use of Anaglyph (Red/Blue) glasses and any 3DTV or 3D-ready Projector.