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a specialist who administers an anesthetic to a patient before he is treated

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The campaign was started by the Association of Anaesthetists, the Royal College of Anaesthetists and the Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine after the death of a trainee anaesthetist who was driving home tired after a night shift.
The parents had blamed the anaesthetist, the ENT surgeon and the hospital.
The meeting also recommended special allowance ranging from Rs125,000 to Rs300,000 for anaesthetist in categorised areas.
adding that no anaesthetist wanted to join new health facilities.
The centre had an assistant professor but he left the job due to some domestic reasons as he hailed from DG Khan, it said adding that no anaesthetist wanted to join new health facilities.
Adam Bennett was undergoing routine urology surgery at Russells Hall Hospital in April 2015 when he was left unattended by the anaesthetist for two minutes.
12.56 Third paediatric cardiac arrest call placed at the same time as anaesthetist consultant returns bleep to registrar and alerts her there has been a crash call.
Anaesthetist Richard Field, 49, and Lina Bolanos, 38, were found dead in the apartment in Boston, Massachusetts, on Friday night.
In addition, 29(56.6%) of the respondents were of the opinion that anaesthetist had no or little role in surgery, and 12(24.52%) believed patients undergoing surgery appreciate anaesthetists' services (Table-2)
Bahrain: A MEMBER of a court-appointed medical panel told judges that an anaesthetist should be held responsible for the death of a 12-year-old girl.
At a recent medical ethics seminar, an ear, nose and throat surgeon asked if anyone else would be responsible for removing a patient's throat pack that had been negligently left in place by the anaesthetist. [1] Is it solely the duty of the anaesthetist, or is there a duty on the surgeon or the circulating nurse to check that it has been removed while the patient is in theatre or when the patient is in the recovery room?
It was agreed both anaesthetic technicians and perioperative nurses can assist the anaesthetist. The Nursing Council and the Medical Council re-iterated that they were responsible for public safety and the regulation of their respective professions but could not influence the regulation of other health professionals.
A LEADING anaesthetist has created an animated bedtime story to ease the fears of young children needing surgery.
There was evidently a problem and the doctors decided on a caesarean section but the anaesthetist was not at work and his delay in coming to the operating room resulted in the second infant's death.
At the Annual General Meeting of PNCNZNO on October 18, 2014, members unanimously voted and approved the Knowledge & Skills Framework for the Registered Nurse Assistant to the Anaesthetist (RNAA) which describes the standards required by Registered Nurses working in the field of Nurse Assistant to the Anaesthetist.