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There are several techniques described to insert NG tubes in anaesthetised, intubated patients (7).
While it must be understood that many patients who require emergency operations at night are likely to be very sick, we still have the situation that in almost half the cases they will be anaesthetised, and in a fifth of cases operated on, by relatively inexperienced doctors," he said.
A West Midlands Ambulance Service spokesman said: "The woman pedestrian received emergency treatment from medics at the scene, including being anaesthetised by the trauma doctor.
He was anaesthetised at the scene and rushed to Birmingham Children's Hospital.
They monitored 20 patients who were to have one of their arms anaesthetised before surgery.
CHILDREN anaesthetised ready for vital operations were among the patients evacuated from Great Ormond Street Hospital yesterday after a fire and explosion.
NHS operations are being cancelled - sometimes when patients are already anaesthetised - due to private decontamination firms damaging equipment or causing delays, the Royal College of Surgeons warned yesterday.
Doctors suspected appendicitis or a stomach bug and decided to take him into theatre to find out more but after he was anaesthetised Marc vomited and suffered a heart attack at North Tyneside Hospital.
He said he remained awake the whole time, anaesthetised only from the waist down, so he could 'attend to numerous important issues' with his chief of staff, who dressed in surgical scrubs.
Four doctors, wearing surgical masks carried out the amputations on the anaesthetised men who had their faces covered with scarves.
The pedestrian was anaesthetised at the scene of the incident on Yates Avenue, in Newbold-on-Avon near Rugby, at about 11.
A WOMAN had to be anaesthetised at the scene of an early-morning collision which left the car with a 'V' shape in the bonnet.
There have been some studies which have shown that up to 50 per cent of people who are sedated, or lightly anaesthetised, will have a sexual dream," The Australian quoted Baker as saying.
The cue went straight through Mr Farmer's body but he was so anaesthetised by the eight pints he had drunk, he wanted to continue the gameIt pierced his scrotum and soft tissue with the tip exiting via his lower stomach.
CONVICTS executed by lethal injection in the US died in agony because they were not properly anaesthetised, it was claimed yesterday.