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There are several techniques described to insert NG tubes in anaesthetised, intubated patients (7).
"While it must be understood that many patients who require emergency operations at night are likely to be very sick, we still have the situation that in almost half the cases they will be anaesthetised, and in a fifth of cases operated on, by relatively inexperienced doctors," he said.
"The front seat passenger had suffered multiple injuries and was anaesthetised at the scene before being taken by ambulance on blue lights to theMajor Trauma Centre at University Hospital Coventry & Warwickshire.
"The man was anaesthetised at the scene before being taken on blue lights to University Hospital in Coventry with the doctor travelling on the ambulance.
He was anaesthetised at the scene and rushed to Birmingham Children's Hospital.
They monitored 20 patients who were to have one of their arms anaesthetised before surgery.
Moreover, blood or secretion or any foreign body in the airway in a lightly anaesthetised patient may also trigger laryngospasm which may result in catastrophic circumstances.
The patient is then anaesthetised for the rest of the procedure to implant the stimulator.
CHILDREN anaesthetised and ready for vital operations had to be evacuated from a hospital yesterday after a fire and explosion.
CHILDREN anaesthetised before operations were among the patients evacuated from Great Ormond Street Hospital yesterday after a fire and explosion.
NHS operations are being cancelled - sometimes when patients are already anaesthetised - due to private decontamination firms damaging equipment or causing delays, the Royal College of Surgeons warned yesterday.
She said: "We immediately anaesthetised Kitty and removed the green pipe cleaner from her throat.
Firefighters waited at the veterinary surgery for the snake to be anaesthetised, removed the ring using cutters.
Those who stayed either swallowed the bitter pill and anaesthetised themselves against state sponsored horror or tried to alleviate conditions by modest technical and political intervention.