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In order to stabilise his condition he was anaesthetised by the doctor from the air ambulance.
In order to stabilise his condition, the doctor from the air ambulance anaesthetised him before he was airlifted to Royal Stoke University Hospital.
The second point they make is that "blood or secretion or any foreign body in the airway in a lightly anaesthetised patient may also trigger laryngospasm".
Chief executive Dr Jane Collins said the youngsters already anaesthetised were woken up and moved.
Hospital chief executive Dr Jane Collins said youngsters who had already been anaesthetised for surgery were woken up and moved out of the unit.
Almost half of emergency operations carried out at night involve patients being anaesthetised by a trainee doctor, a report revealed today.
The technique was used to destroy a section of liver tissue in anaesthetised rats.
Nouveau Marche: NICOX) announced new preclinical data showing that high doses of NCX-4016 (NO-aspirin) reduced myocardial infarct size in anaesthetised pigs subjected to ischaemia followed by reperfusion, whereas aspirin, at tolerated dose, had no effect.
ATHEIR flat noses make anaesthesia slightly more risky but it is common for a Pekinese of his age to be anaesthetised.
He was anaesthetised at the scene and rushed to Birmingham Children's Hospital.
They monitored 20 patients who were to have one of their arms anaesthetised before surgery.
CHILDREN anaesthetised ready for vital operations were among the patients evacuated from Great Ormond Street Hospital yesterday after a fire and explosion.
NHS operations are being cancelled - sometimes when patients are already anaesthetised - due to private decontamination firms damaging equipment or causing delays, the Royal College of Surgeons warned yesterday.
Chang failed to notice that the crocodile was not fully anaesthetised when he stuck his arm through an iron railing to medicate it.
Four doctors, wearing blue surgical masks, carried out the amputations on the men, who were anaesthetised and had their faces covered with scarves.