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Ketamine, which is an N-methyl-d-aspartate (NMDA) receptor antagonist, is also a noteworthy anaesthetic agent in ECT that has a lesser anticonvulsant effect, favourable seizure induction action and increased seizure duration.
At the time of induction anaesthetic agents especially propofol cause fall in mean arterial pressure (MAP) due to drop in systemic vascular resistance as a result of inhibition of sympathetic vasoconstrictor activity.
There are different ways to keep the patient pain-free after post-operative period such as subcutaneous infiltration, tract infiltration with local anaesthetic agents, and systemic analgesics enteral or parenteral.
The efficacy of 2-phenoxyethanol, metomidate, clove oil and MS-222 as anaesthetic agents in the Senegalese sole (Solea senegalensis Kaup 1858).
Standard screening for this procedure would be conducting a pre-surgery biopsy or injecting the anaesthetic agent in small amounts and recording the carbon dioxide levels in the body.
In World War One ether was used as the anaesthetic agent of choice in the Casualty Clearing Stations and was often administered using the Clover Method, the first portable ether inhaler.
Modified ECT refers to the practice of providing an anaesthetic agent and a muscle relaxant before ECT to minimise the intensity of motor seizures.
The duration of the motor seizure was recorded as the time from the ECT stimulus to the cessation of tonic-clonic motor activity in the 'isolated' arm; the duration was assessed by an observer through a window outside of the operating theatre to blind the observer to the anaesthetic agent used.
This was his first general anaesthetic and there was no family history to indicate anaesthetic agent related difficulties.
The introduction of cocaine in 1884 as a local anaesthetic agent started an entire new era in medicine.
SPECIALIST healthcare products company Maelor which is seeking a partner for the development and marketing of its intravenous general anaesthetic agent micelle propofol says it is in advanced negotiations with several major international pharmaceutical businesses.The Wrexham-based company is aiming to launch the patented drug delivery in about two years after further trials and will be aiming to capture a slice of a market worth hundreds of millions of pounds.
(10) recommended an alternative method involving the introduction of the needle 1 cm superior to the level of the tragus and posterior to the superficial temporal artery, and decreasing the volume of the local anaesthetic agent to 3 mL.
Although the quest for an ideal anaesthetic agent continues and remains a dream to date, numerous drugs have been found with properties of early induction, rapid emergence, clear headed recovery along with other intrinsic advantages like analgesia, sedation and anti-emesis.