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a specialist who administers an anesthetic to a patient before he is treated

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Preoperative patient evaluation is an invaluable task of an anaesthesiologist.
2] The public image is very poor as many people believe that an anaesthesiologist is not a medically qualified person.
The role of the anaesthesiologist extends beyond the operating room.
Anaesthesiologists are also involved in the teaching and training the lifeA[degrees] saving skills of resuscitation and airway management.
Prosecutors accused the plastic surgeon, anaesthesiologist and the hospital director of medical malpractice and negligence that led to the woman's death following plastic surgery on her neck and eyelids.
Abdul Moneim Bin Suwaidan who defended the anaesthesiologist contended in court that she was not involved and had nothing to do with the plastic surgery.
Use of anaesthesiologist assistance for endoscopic procedures
In this situation, if the practitioner is not trained in the rescue of patients from general anaesthesia, then an anaesthesiologist should be present.
Each Anaesthesiologist had 5 chances to perform lumbar subarachnoid block and it was observed that each anaesthesiologist got at least two attempts with the Whitacre needle.
LSAB is a blind procedure which solely depends on the give way feel experienced by the anaesthesiologist to the advancing needle.
Prosecutors had charged the plastic surgeon, anaesthesiologist and the hospital director with medical malpractice and negligence leading to the woman's death following a surgery on her neck and eyelids.
Prosecutors accused the 51-year-old American plastic surgeon, 43-year-old Iraqi female general anaesthesiologist and 44-year-old Syrian hospital director, of negligently causing the 50-year-old Emirati woman's death after she went into a seven-month coma.
And anaesthesiologists don't have a way of responding because we really don't know when you're unconscious.
Eminent experts of the subject and distinguished local as well as foreign Anaesthesiologists are participating in the conference.
The purpose of the workshop was to provide education and training to the anaesthesiologists of Rawalpindi, Islamabad and adjacent regions, on the latest research and important areas of Knowledge Eminent anaesthesiologists from all over Pakistan delivered interactive lectures during the workshop which was attended by anaesthesiologists from different hospitals like PIMS, Holy Family, Fauji Foundation, RGH, POF Wah and other Hospitals, an RGH official said.