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living or active in the absence of free oxygen


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Modification of pyruvate kinase and lactate dehydrogenase in foot muscle of the sea mussel Mytilus galloprovincialis under anaerobiosis and recovery.
We discovered that the complexity associated with anaerobic microbiology was significantly reduced by using the enzymatic membrane preparations, which incorporate the mechanisms of achieving anaerobiosis directly into the growth media.
Lenticel formation appears to be fostered by ethylene that forms in response to anaerobiosis (Kozlowski, 1982b).
Strategies of anaerobiosis in New Zealand infaunal bivalves: adaptations to environmental and functional hypoxia.
Three of the most common environmental conditions found to inhibit autotrophic nitrification are anaerobiosis, soil acidity, and high soil salinity.
Flooding and the solubilization of iron following anaerobiosis therefore stimulate the activity of some iron-limited soil bacteria.
Key to anoxia adaptation is saving energy during anaerobiosis by reversible depression of metabolic (and ATP turnover) rates to 5-10% levels of aerobic rates.
A water function approximation to degree of anaerobiosis associated with denitrification.
These differences are thought to reflect a combination of responses to nutritional stress in the controls and facultative anaerobiosis and metabolic arrest in the anoxia groups.
Energy metabolism of arthropods and molluscs during environmental and functional anaerobiosis.
There are records of this species disappearing beneath the surface over prolonged periods as a result of deep-burrowing anaerobiosis (Taylor 1976), which could be linked to feeding behavior (Oeschger 1990).
Organ specific changes in energy metabolism due to anaerobiosis in the sea mussel Mytilus edulis (L).
Silage fermentation is a dynamic process that requires good anaerobiosis and a low pH; conditions which are unfortunately difficult to attain with maize cobs.