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Synonyms for respiration

the act or process of breathing


Synonyms for respiration

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On the other hand, the highest TSS in sealed packages (0 perforations) could be due to the induction of anaerobic respiration due to very low levels of oxygen in the package atmosphere, as indicted by Saquet and Streif (2008).
Lactic acidosis develops if the hypoxia is severe enough to cause anaerobic respiration.
ADH is an enzyme that acts on the respiratory process by removing toxic substances, such as acetaldehyde and ethanol, produced when cells start anaerobic respiration (FARIA et al.
phosphocreatine shuttle, and anaerobic respiration.
2] concentrations also inhibit several enzymes of the Krebs' cycle including dexydrogenase, which would either trigger anaerobic respiration or result in accumulation of succinic acid which is potentially toxic to the fruit (Martinez-Ferrer et al.
We found higher LDH activity in samples from Apopka, suggesting more anaerobic respiration and energetic stress compared to the other two sites.
Another lab from the eScience kit uses yeast cells, sucrose, Equal, and Splenda to determine the rate of anaerobic respiration in the presence of different carbohydrates.
This process that occurs in animals is called anaerobic respiration.
Obviously, things are a little different for Premier League players - replacing the woodbine with a Menthol cigarette will enhance your capacity for anaerobic respiration.
In oxygenated waters, microbes grow by catabolizing organic molecules via aerobic respiration; under conditions of low oxygen availability, either in water mass or in microsites of intense microbial activity, nitrate and sulfate may be used as alternate terminal electron acceptors via anaerobic respiration.