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Synonyms for anaerobic

living or active in the absence of free oxygen

not aerobic


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Anaerobic adhesives are solvent-free and single-component adhesives that cure on active metal surfaces in the absence of oxygen.
MSU has been recognized internationally for its expertise in anaerobic digester research and development.
Therefore, taking into account the above mentioned reasons they were excluded from the present study, though the other part of our project is based purely on the isolation of anaerobic bacteria from surgical sites which will also be published soon and available to valued readers.
Jump tests have been used by a number of investigators to determine anaerobic power and capacity in alpine skiers (Bosco, 1997; Bosco et al., 1994; Breil et al., 2010; Emeterio and Gonzalez-Badillo, 2010; Karlsson et al., 1978; Nikolopoulos et al., 2009; Patterson et al., 2009; Patterson et al., 2014; White and Johnson, 1991).
This investigation involved sectional design to examine of the effect of MaxV[O.sub.2] level on anaerobic endurance.
Anaerobic threshold describes the exercise intensity that can be sustained for long periods of time without excess accumulation of lactic acid.
Hoping the anaerobic digesters can convert the sandwiches into 200[m.sup.3] of methane to enable the gas turbine generator to generate the 2MWh required (assuming 100% efficiency).
Specimens including pus, soft tissue, abscess aspirates and body fluids received from consecutive patients with diverse anaerobic infections were analysed.
The choice of technology (anaerobic ponds), in this particular case, is inappropriate technically.
The new $9.5 million anaerobic digester, which replaced a conventional wastewater treatment system, features a dome that captures biogas from food byproducts at the plant and converts it into energy through anaerobic digestion while also improving air quality.
The major achievement in the development of anaerobic treatment was the introduction of high rate reactors in which biomass retention and liquid retention were not interlinked [5].
All anaerobic samples must be submitted within (15) to (30) minutes of collection.
Acid-Base Balance in Three Theoretical Models of Anaerobic Threshold.
Anaerobic digestion can be an alluring option to strengthen world's energy security by employing food waste to generate biogas while addressing waste management and nutrient recycling.