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Synonyms for anaerobic

living or active in the absence of free oxygen

not aerobic


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5 million anaerobic digester, which replaced a conventional wastewater treatment system, features a dome that captures biogas from food byproducts at the plant and converts it into energy through anaerobic digestion while also improving air quality.
However, the anaerobic jar system, which uses the McIntosh and Fildes evacuation and replacement method, creates an anaerobic environment within five minutes.
Anaerobic power tests and quickness test in University laboratory were conducted.
On the UC Davis campus, anaerobic digesters break down food waste and manure and generate biogas.
2002) but the use of psychrophilic (less than 20C) anaerobic digestion (PAD) is scarce (Dhaked et al.
The aerobic energy system is vastly more efficient than the anaerobic system.
Metabolites generally associated with rumen anaerobic fungi include formate, acetate, lactate, succinate, ethanol, C[O.
Organised by the International Water Association (IWA), the World Congress on Anaerobic Digestion: Recovering (bio) Resources for the World was held from June 25-28 in Santiago de Compostela.
Dr Sandra Esteves, director of the Wales Centre of Excellence for Anaerobic Digestion, University of Glamorgan; www.
The Welsh government says it recognises the role that farm-based anaerobic digestion can play in producing energy and cutting fertiliser use Officials are said to be examining whether it is appropriate to offer further support to stimulate investment in on-farm renewables such as AD.
It is the only specialist British anaerobic digestion company with a proven track record that can design, build and operate large-scale anaerobic digestion plants.
The aim of this study, eight weeks of aerobic and anaerobic effect on leptin levels, estrogen, progesterone, glucose and insulin and body weight and subcutaneous fat in middle-aged men is non-athletes.
Anaerobic capacity is defined as the maximum amount of adenosine triphosphate that can be resynthesized via anaerobic metabolism (both alactic and lactic systems) during maximal exercise (10,22).
One type of sewage treatment unit that combines these characteristics is the anaerobic filter, used in communities where the wastewater collection grid is not present (MANARIOTIS; GRIGOROPOULOS, 2006).