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The survey of over 1,000 people with diabetes revealed that although up to 15% had experienced anaemia, overall only 3% of those interviewed knew that anaemia could be related to kidney disease - and only 1% were aware of being tested for anaemia during routine visits to the nurse or doctor.
Variable aetiologies contributing to the anaemia of systolic heart failure are important to individual patient management.
The commonest type of anaemia was hypochromic microcytic (34.
Prevalence of anaemia in all the groups is higher in India as compared to other developing countries (1).
This low level of haemoglobin was responsible for the anaemia that Ridhi was suffering from.
Is anaemia a risk factor for delirium in acute geriatric populations?
They found that, using the World Health Organization's recommended haemoglobin cut-offs of 120 g/l in adults and 110 g/l in children, the average estimated reduction in the prevalence of anaemia ranged from 1.
Largest Prospective, Cancer-Related Anaemia Survey Results
Your pal, however, is right in saying it could be anaemia and the cabbage theory does make sense -but more of that later
Anaemia is a serious and common disorder which, when exacerbated by pregnancy, after can have serious consequences for both mother and child.
com/research/x8tttc/global_sickle) has announced the addition of the "Global Sickle Cell Anaemia Drug Pipeline Capsule - 2012 Update" report to their offering.
Anaemia is a common co-morbidity in CCF and has important implications for management and outcome.
Background & objectives: The control of anaemia in women of childbearing age is essential to prevent low birth weight and perinatal and maternal mortality.
com/research/decf1e/global_sickle_cell) has announced the addition of the "Global Sickle Cell Anaemia Drug Pipeline Capsule - 2011" report to their offering.