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Dr Hal Barron, Chief Scientific Officer and President R&D, GSK said, 'Around 3.5 million patients in Japan have anaemia associated with renal disease which can result in weakness and fatigue.
The rationale behind our study was to identify areas to which intervention should be focused on improving maternal care and perinatal outcomes thus reducing NICU load because of preterm and low birth weight babies and to add to our research on maternal anaemia and its perinatal effects.
About 1.62 billion of the world's population is suffering from anaemia. [3] The burden predominantly falls on Asia and Africa with complex interplay of socioeconomic status, dietary factors, infectious diseases, genetics and other factors determining anaemia.
In the assessment of Malaysia's progress, the reported stated that there was either no progress or it was worsening for under-five stunting, under-five wasting, anaemia in women of reproductive age, and adult diabetes.
Prevalence of anaemia among pregnant women in rural India: A longitudinal observational study.
Extent of anaemia among Preschool Children in EAG States India: A Challenge to Policy Makers.
Grand-multiparity, too early pregnancies, too many and too frequent pregnancies, spacing of less than one year, low socioeconomic status, illiteracy, and late booking of pregnant women at antenatal care units are among the known risk factor for development of anaemia during pregnancy (4,5).
Keywords: Anaemia, Iron deficiency anaemia, Type 1 diabetes, Type 2 diabetes.
Key words: Iron deficiency anaemia, beta thalassaemia trait, complete blood count.
Anaemia a condition characterised by the lack of healthy red blood cells affects 32 million pregnant women worldwide and up to half of all pregnant women in low and middle-income countries,reported private news channel.
The research, published in the journal The Lancet Global Health and funded by Barts Charity and the Human Reproduction Programme, suggests that prevention and treatment of maternal anaemia must remain a global public health and research priority.
Anaemia is a common condition globally and is associated with adverse events in pregnancy.
Anaemia impairs normal development in children and is implicated as both a cause and an effect of adverse social and economic family circumstances.
Iron deficiency anaemia: assessment, prevention and control.