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migrating from the sea to fresh water to spawn

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With the construction of high dams on the Columbia River, there commenced a long study on methods of passing anadromous fish to upriver spawning grounds and returning the seaward migrants to the ocean.
These fisheries often target anadromous fishes within marine environments or during their downstream or upstream migrations between fresh and marine waters (Kristofferson and Berkes, 2005; Roux et al., 2011a).
The relationship between rainbow trout and sea-run, or anadromous, steelhead in the same river or stream can be complex.
Engineered fishways are the next best alternative to providing upstream access for anadromous fish.
They also discuss the ocean ecology of pink salmon, chum salmon, Coho salmon, Chinook salmon, steelhead, and anadromous coastal cutthroat trout.
Anadromous fish link freshwater and marine ecosystems through the seaward emigration of juveniles and subsequent immigration of adults.
The American shad is an anadromous fish that spends most of its life in the sea but spawns in freshwater rivers, with the St.
We found that the five-year drought resulted in a substantial and significant decline in available wetted habitat suitable for rearing and upstream migratory access for anadromous adults.
"We propose that in the past, marine mammals, seabirds, anadromous fish, and terrestrial animals likely formed an interlinked system recycling nutrients from the ocean depths to the continental interiors," the study explains. "With marine mammals moving nutrients from the deep sea to surface waters, seabirds and anadromous fish moving nutrients from the ocean to land, and large animals moving nutrients away from hotspots into the continental interior."
Anadromous runs of Cisco have been documented from James Bay (Ontario/Quebec, Canada) to some of its tributary rivers (Morin et al, 1982; Lambert and Dodson, 1990).
Key words: salmon; sockeye salmon; anadromous fish; marine fish remains; south-central Alaska; Eklutna Lake; lacustrine sediments; nitrogen isotopes
Life History Revelations--Several species of trout along with Atlantic salmon live an anadromous lifestyle, migrating to the ocean to feed on abundant resources, then returning to a home stream to spawn.
Steelhead trout are an anadromous form of rainbow trout native to the Pacific Coast.
Key words: anadromous, Columbia River, genetics, Lampetra ayresii, migration, River Lamprey
This is home to all four anadromous fish of the region: coho salmon, chinook salmon, steelhead and coastal cutthroat trout.