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migrating from the sea to fresh water to spawn

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Arctic char exhibit several life-history types, the most common being lake-resident (freshwater) and anadromous, with spawning and overwintering usually occurring in lakes (Johnson, 1980; Tallman et al.
Anadromous parents can produce non-anadromous progeny and vice-versa (Docker and Heath 2003; Thrower and Joyce 2004; Thrower et al.
Southern steelhead trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) are an endangered species, with an estimated population of less than 500 anadromous adults in California watersheds from Santa Barbara County south to the Mexican Border (NMFS 2012).
Influence of freshwater migration on the reproductive patterns of anadromous populations of Cisco (Coregonus artedii) and Lake Wliitefish (C.
As far as we know, no has ever found a population of large-bodied anadromous fish that come back to freshwater and park there for the rest of their lives," says lead author Dr.
Where anadromous fishes occur in the Canadian Arctic, they provide the mainstay of local subsistence fisheries of varying intensities.
These top predators are anadromous, which means they live in saltwater and move to freshwater to reproduce.
Key words: anadromous, Columbia River, genetics, Lampetra ayresii, migration, River Lamprey
This is home to all four anadromous fish of the region: coho salmon, chinook salmon, steelhead and coastal cutthroat trout.
I have fished the world's greatest waters, with an emphasis on anadromous fish such as salmon and steelhead.
Anthropologists and others from the region examine the biology and ecology of Pacific salmon and steelhead in the Columbia River basin, in the context of the availability of fish resources for use by Native people; the potential impacts of natural events like landslides, seismic events, and range fires on the Holocene productivity of anadromous fish populations in western Idaho; scale and organization in traditional salmon fishing in the Upper Columbia River; the archaeological signatures of fisheries in the Pend Oreille basin; the role of the Western pearlshell for traditional Native groups in the Lower Spokane River; the historic ecology of the Lower Cosumnes River watershed; and fishing in the interior Northwest.
The General WDRs would regulate discharges in order to achieve the performance standards for sediment and storm runoff set forth in the sediment Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs) for Napa River and Sonoma Creek, with the overarching goals of reducing nonpoint source pollutant discharges from vineyards and protecting and enhancing beneficial uses including the protection of anadromous fish habitat.
During her PhD at University of New Brunswick, Swanson discovered anadromous (sea-run) populations of lake trout.
The short lifespan of Hickory Shad, combined with an early age to maturity and an anadromous migration pattern, indicates that mature individuals are very susceptible to recreational and commercial harvest and are removed by exploitation or natural mortality within 1 or 2 seasons.
com) believe that species of many fish, especially native runs of anadromous fish deserve a concerted effort, toward improved sustainability, from commercial, sports fishing and international interests.