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migrating from the sea to fresh water to spawn

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Both western river and Pacific lampreys are anadromous and parasitic as adults (Beamish, 1980; Wydowski and Whitney, 2003); however, many details concerning their life cycle and ecology are poorly understood, and most available information comes from a few geographic areas (Beamish, 1980; Hayes et al.
3 m, 4-pinnate-pinnatifid to 5-pinnate, pentagonal, anadromous throughout; rachises, costae, and costules sparsely scaly abaxially, the scales 0.
Clearly, more study is needed to further assess the threat from didymo proliferation and to identify risks to anadromous salmonid populations in the Lower American River and elsewhere in the Central Valley where habitat restoration programs are planned or underway.
Additionally, the science supporting salmon restoration has caused the agency to focus its efforts on other anadromous fish, including American shad, American eel, river herring and shortnose sturgeon.
species of anadromous fish native to the Pacific Northwest, (35)
Gulf sturgeon are anadromous fish, spending winter months in the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico where they grow and increase their condition by feeding on tiny, bottom-dwelling invertebrates.
Among the 17 topics are variations in habitat quality for drift-feeding Atlantic salmon and brown trout in relation to local water velocity and river discharge, integrating science and practice for the sustainable management of in-channel salmonid habitat, restoring ecological connectivity in rivers to improve conditions for anadromous brown trout (Salmo trutta), whether fencing British lowland streams encourages greater salmonid fish stocks, restoring pools for Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) in gravel bed rivers in New Brunswick, aerial photography as a tool for salmonid habitat assessment, influences of environmental variables and stocking on Atlantic salmon upstream migrations in the River Thames, and managing the effects of climate change.
The fish is suspected to be anadromous, meaning it spends some of its life in marine waters before returning to the river to spawn.
Anadromous and catadromous fish species in Lithuania are among the most valuable economically and very popular angling catch.
California has the southernmost populations of 13 species of anadromous fishes (6 salmon, 2 sturgeon, 2 lampreys, and 3 smelt).
Department of Agriculture to restore access to the spawning and rearing habitat for anadromous fish on the Town River in West Bridgewater, Massachusetts; National Park Service volunteers worked on a wetland prairie restoration project and removed invasive tree species and planted slash pines for a pineland.
Conte Anadromous Fish Research Center in Turners Falls, Massachusetts, is conducting research on behavior and dispersal of the Kootenai River white sturgeon early life stages.
Since its removal, anadromous fish, including Atlantic salmon, have returned to the river above the dam site.
Lampreys are thought to have been on the planet for 300 million years and, like the salmon and sewin, they are anadromous - spawning in fresh water and spending much of their time at sea.
A wide variety of vertebrates, including birds and mammals, consume anadromous salmon as predators of live fish or as scavengers of carcasses.