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repetition of the final words of a sentence or line at the beginning of the next

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Chinese speak of a carry-over stitch, where you "carry-over" yam from one needle to another without knitting it in; you can tuck the yam into the next row--the classic "carry- over," an etymological equivalent for anadiplosis (doubling, tucking) and for [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (keep one stitch--or word, in poetry--and carry it over to the next row--or line, in verse).
As indicated by Evans (1989), the 796 balance structures include 280 cases of asyndeton, 115 polysyndetons, 95 anaphora, 62 epistrophe, 20 anadiplosis, and 24 parataxis.
Sus observaciones sobre la retorica dulce del movere y la expresion directa del sentimiento por medio de exclamaciones, dubitaciones, anadiplosis, etc.
El unico adjetivo en sentido estricto es mortal, tal vez en posible uso dilogico y en relacion de poliptoton con muerte, sustantivo introducido en lugar destacado del verso: primero, al termino del mismo; despues, y en disposicion de anadiplosis, al principio del verso siguiente.
This short speech contains such diverse figures of speech as prosopopeia, chiasmus, anadiplosis and polyptoton, which an early modern schoolboy would like to show off.
Also, we should study his rhetorical devices, such as anadiplosis, diacope, hyperbaton and other persuasive-writing techniques I really don't have the I.
Instances of anadiplosis (48), homoioptoton (86), and epizeuxis (129, 133) are also modes of repetition that add inherently musical dimensions to the language and narrative.
Readers interested in obscure terminology--for example, anadiplosis, antimetabole, furstenspeigl, governmentality, ideologeme, rhizomatic, uchronic--will learn much new vocabulary.
Las argumentaciones podrian girar entonces, dentro de la clasificacion del Grupo [my] (22) de las figuras retoricas, en adicion: por ejemplo, en las repeticiones ordenadas (anaforas, anadiplosis, epanadiplosis, conversiones .
Concerning the figures, they paid attention to the epizeuxis, anadiplosis, climax, anaphora, epistrophe, epanalepsis, epanados, paronomasia, and polyptoton.
Within the space of two pages, we can encounter anaphora, epistrophe, epanalepsis, anadiplosis, and pocketa-pocketa-queep.
Sunt autem multae schematum species, sed eminentiores hae: prolepsis, zeugma, hypozeuxis, sylepsis, anadiplosis, anafora, epanalepsis, epizeuxis, paronomasia, schesis onomaton, paromoeon, homoeoteleuton, homoeoptoton, poliptoton, hirmos, polisindeton, dialyton.
Dream of a Body" is based on the rhetorical figure of speech called the anadiplosis.
Como en una lista epica de honor, aparecen las Agueybanas y Hatueyes, y la reina Anacaona, y al final de la estrofa la rima y la repreticion estilizada de al figura retorica de anadiplosis hacen resaltar la geografia cultural caribena, tan orgullosa en su simbolica sencillez:
No concession is made to readers unfamiliar with such terms as parataxis, hypotaxis, anaphora, anadiplosis, apodosis, protasis, homophony, phonemic and phenomic resemblance, phonetic generation of lexemes, alterity, and deixis, as well as run-on, parallelistic, kinetic, and chiasmic syntax.