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repetition of the final words of a sentence or line at the beginning of the next

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Also, we should study his rhetorical devices, such as anadiplosis, diacope, hyperbaton and other persuasive-writing techniques I really don't have the I.
Instances of anadiplosis (48), homoioptoton (86), and epizeuxis (129, 133) are also modes of repetition that add inherently musical dimensions to the language and narrative.
Though the nominal model is Xie Huilian, it shares the regular use of anadiplosis to join successive stanzas with Xie Lingyun's poem to Huilian, not Huilian's to Lingyun.
Readers interested in obscure terminology--for example, anadiplosis, antimetabole, furstenspeigl, governmentality, ideologeme, rhizomatic, uchronic--will learn much new vocabulary.
Dream of a Body" is based on the rhetorical figure of speech called the anadiplosis.
A climactic arrangement sometimes involves anadiplosis (the duplication of the terminal word or words of one line or clause at the beginning of the next):