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repetition of the final words of a sentence or line at the beginning of the next

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In addition, each stanza anticipates/resonates with its neighbor, in that form of stanzaic anadiplosis in Chinese called the "carry-over stitch" [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII].
La anadiplosis, forma de iteracion retorica que consiste en "repetir al principio de un verso o de una frase, una palabra que estaba al final del verso o de la frase anterior" (Marchese y Forradellas 2006: 25), aparece, en primer lugar, como disrupcion, dado que en los versos previos opera un registro mas bien directo, llano, sustraido de toda sofisticacion retorica; en segundo lugar, esa iteracion de la anadiplosis coincide con lo que el verso efectivamente dice, cada celula muerta es la extincion de la posibilidad de repetir: "se moria una mia, una mia se moria, se moria", ya que en el verso, la repeticion no solo esta saturada, sino agotada, muerta.
The unusual word count of one-hundred seems okay, yet his first constraint rules out anadiplosis or epanalepsis: every anaphora is anathema.
but some students made phenomenal comments, comments I myself would have included like, "good, but make sure to include a conclusion strategy (anadiplosis and anaphora)," or "make sure to tie the idea back to your thesis" or "try using some $1.00 words" or "try using another attention grabbing introduction because the one you used didn't really grab my attention." It (setting up peer writing groups) was so hard at first but it seems really worth it now.
(3.1.84-88) This short speech contains such diverse figures of speech as prosopopeia, chiasmus, anadiplosis and polyptoton, which an early modern schoolboy would like to show off.
Also, we should study his rhetorical devices, such as anadiplosis, diacope, hyperbaton and other persuasive-writing techniques I really don't have the I.Q.
Instances of anadiplosis (48), homoioptoton (86), and epizeuxis (129, 133) are also modes of repetition that add inherently musical dimensions to the language and narrative.
Readers interested in obscure terminology--for example, anadiplosis, antimetabole, furstenspeigl, governmentality, ideologeme, rhizomatic, uchronic--will learn much new vocabulary.
Concerning the figures, they paid attention to the epizeuxis, anadiplosis, climax, anaphora, epistrophe, epanalepsis, epanados, paronomasia, and polyptoton.