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large arboreal boa of tropical South America

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The British-led mission, named Operation Ptarmigan, is the first big operation since Operation Anaconda.
It was unclear whether the attackers were among surviving al-Qaida and Taliban fighters who escaped Operation Anaconda, he said.
Results from correlations with five metals found on the Anaconda site and tissue porphyrins suggest a positive correlation between lead and copper concentrations and increasing porphyrin concentrations in kidneys.
Glencore International holds the 40% of the Murrin Murrin project not owned by Anaconda and also has a 22.
The two Cole 43s in the race, Anaconda and Jeffrey Otters Ruffian II, relished the three day slow slog into the 30-55 knot southerly headwinds, swapping the handicap lead through the race.
The foundation mounts nature exhibits at the airport in San Fernando de Apure, is pushing for creation of a 20,000-hectare forest reserve and is keeping a census of local ospreys and anacondas.
Despues de todo las verdaderas estrellas son el Animatronic que mueve a la serpiente de latex o algo asi (el pulpo de Ed Wood tenia obviamente mas gracia) y las muecas de Jon Voight (era mejor villano el falsisimo Bela Lugosi con Ed Wood), la malvadisima anaconda gigantesca (es preferible la gigantesca grupa de Jennifer Lopez), las arias de opera amazonicas (Llosa vio la pelicula de Herzog y quiere ironizar sobre alguien que tiene mucho mas talento que el), las avispas venenosas, el suspenso fabricado y de muy visibles hilos.
A large anaconda is indeed a striking creature to behold.
The work generally recognized as his masterpiece, Anaconda (1921), portrays realistic, philosophical, and symbolic battles between the nonpoisonous anaconda and the poisonous viper.
The Anaconda Copper Company used patenting to remove the Berkeley Pit from public oversight.
of White Plains has been appointed exclusive marketing agent for 1 River Street, Hastings, New York, the former Anaconda plant.
Labor income declined in 1979-82 when base staffing also declined; but the Anaconda smelter closed during that period too.
NASDAQ:ANDE) today jointly announced that Patriot's wholly-owned railroad subsidiary, the Butte, Anaconda & Pacific Railway ("BAP") located in Anaconda, Montana, has entered into a railcar maintenance and repair agreement with The Andersons.
Anaconda produced 10,002 ounces of gold and sold 9,509 ounces during the Transition Year ended December 31, 2017, on track to exceed original guidance of 15,500 ounces for the twelve month period ending May 31, 2018, or pro-rated guidance of 9,042 ounces for the seven month period;
A Series A financing round for Anaconda Biomed has closed at EUR15m, the private Spanish company disclosed on Tuesday.