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(psychoanalysis) relationship marked by strong dependence on others

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Specifically, she deconstructs the gendered binary of anaclitic and narcissistic desire by suggesting that the church is founded on self-idealizing deception.
The dream screen, like criticisms anaclitic leaning on the work, becomes for him a reminder of something there, outside or beyond fantasy, a necessary prop.
In the phrase "gobble-gobble love" (240) that her act generates, it is Consolata (despite her protest that she "didn't want to eat him" [240]) who for Deek now effectively names not the anaclitic mother, not the Mother who would console, but the traumatic maternal object-the primal female Thing that engulfs and destroys.
(11,12) Harlow's studies were influenced by observations of how infants raised in orphanages without physical contact or loving nurturance became profoundly depressed (named 'anaclitic depression') and often died.
two types of object choice (anaclitic and narcissistic) as well as
The differential effect of psychotherapy and psychoanalysis on anaclitic and introjective patients: the Menninger Psychotherapy Research Project revisited.
As known from studies with depressive mothers and from interaction experiments using the double-mirror paradigm, the reaction pattern of young infants to emotionally nonresponsive mothers follows the sequence described by Spitz (1946) in descriptions of the anaclitic depression of infants exposed to continuing separation from their mothers.
However, the priest's identification with Toussaint is both narcissistic and anaclitic. (8)
Pfau's quest for integrated historical understanding rehearses this anaclitic trajectory, exemplifying the anxious interiority that he is conjuring with.
Categorizing depression into anaclitic depression, which comes from feelings of loneliness, and introjective depression, from feelings of failure and worthlessness, Experienced Of Depression goes on to explore a widening range of assessment and treatment tools and methods to help those in greatest need.
Mastery, in other words, exists in a parasitic or anaclitic relation to the death drive" (59).
This comes in addition to other expressions that existed beforehand, such as anaclitic depression, thoughts and fears about death.
The evocation of a drooling, anaclitic infant might be understood as a way of coming up with an 'outside' to depression, and an antidote to it.
Occasionally used by psychotherapists to aid in anaclitic "rebirthing" therapy ketamine is also addictive and may impair psychological defenses, potentially triggering anxiety, panic attacks, or flashbacks.
For while Lacan allows for two sorts of women--the anaclitic mother and the femme fatale--Maria is a female character who is part anaclitic mother and part primordial father.