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chronologically misplaced

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Anachrony is embedded in the narrative by which readers first know about Bendrix's peculiar bruising and only secondarily learn about Sarah's certainty of his death and her prayer.
This discovery illuminates Anthony's cryptic musings; defining induced metamorphosis as Eyeless in Gaza's privileged mode of development, the passage is a crucial instance of the amphibian trope the novel otherwise deploys formally, through anachrony.
Where the earlier presence of anticipatory prolepsis conveys connections between Rider's grief and the eventual lynching in section one, section two demonstrates the communal rescripting of Rider's death through the retrospective anachrony Genette terms "analepsis": an "evocation after the fact of an event that took place earlier than the point in the story where we are at any given moment" (40).
While they may move freely in time--in the anachrony to which we are recalled-- ghosts are effective in performance and uniquely positioned to return and to act, unexpectedly.
While focusing on anachrony to describe the discrepancy between the order of events in a story or in their presentation, he explores how the articulation of memory and imagination makes it possible to 'travel' in time, and also reverse the position of truth.
Drawing from ancient and modern rhetoricians and narratologists, she finds a narrative strategy of anachrony that plays with notions of foretelling and re-telling, prophecy and repetition.
The narrative's thoroughgoing anachrony and the narrator's constant sense of otherness and absence are the stuff of spectrality, and the story is a haunting one.
Before the leaves have fallen Before we locked the doors There must be the third and last dance This one will last forever John Petrucci--Metropolis-Part I "The Miracle and the Sleeper" Anachrony practices and promises forgetting.
In the final moments of the play, in an astounding anachrony, the Protestant community is dealt two calamitous and near-simultaneous blows: annihilation at the Somme and defeat by the political enemies of Ulster.
For one thing, it is notable that the anachrony in tabula time generated in the text--the "gap" between 1902 and 1923--is filled up in the story time with (chronologically homonymous) "dream time" as experienced by the main characters.
He then considers whether tense, as well as temporal ordering, can be represented in film, and offers an interesting construal of anachrony, of such effects as flashback and flashforward (Ch.
But there is sometimes an odd anachrony to realities from all periods of figurative painting.
While the notion of the poet as the maker of supreme fictions (to replace, for example, those of religion) may seem merely anachronistic, Miller's concern is a creative anachrony inherent in literary language itself, as this becomes unignorable in Stevens' text.
Entre el alba y la noche esta la historia / universal") is also to he seen in Tirano Banderas, in which time is characterized by straitness, anachrony or flashback, and simultaneity.