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chronologically misplaced

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Anachrony (non-chronological narration) and analepsis (flashbacks) underline the unreliability of the narration.
While focusing on anachrony to describe the discrepancy between the order of events in a story or in their presentation, he explores how the articulation of memory and imagination makes it possible to 'travel' in time, and also reverse the position of truth.
Drawing from ancient and modern rhetoricians and narratologists, she finds a narrative strategy of anachrony that plays with notions of foretelling and re-telling, prophecy and repetition.
Before the leaves have fallen Before we locked the doors There must be the third and last dance This one will last forever John Petrucci--Metropolis-Part I "The Miracle and the Sleeper" Anachrony practices and promises forgetting.
He reserves "the general term anachrony to designate all forms of discordance between the two temporal orders of story and narrative" (1980:40, 79-85).