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chronologically misplaced

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Anachronous narration is also the chief means of conveying a sense of mystery and suggesting supernatural intervention, the crucial example being the implied miracle of Bendrix's return to life.
Of the three leading histological patterns of SPM, the oral cavity and pharynx were more commonly affected in the anachronous or synchronous group.
Gaming Matters offers a whimsical look at video games, video game scholars, and collectors, with authors Ruggill and McAllister painting a smarmy, yet poignant picture of video games as a boring, demanding, duplicitous, and anachronous medium.
For this reason, I will use the somewhat anachronous term "disability" to refer to the condition of "idiocy" throughout this article, with the understanding that the nineteenth-century concept of "idiocy" is a nebulous one that does not fully overlap with a modern conception of cognitive disability.
By omitting blocks of narrative time and inserting anachronous scenes, Carter also marks lost time for the region.
LDP can be an alternative to both the current regime and the anachronous and clueless SDSM, said LDP leader Jovan Manasijevski at the fourth party congress Sunday.
Firstly, to an informed reader chapters appear as anachronous, while a non-connoisseur of the Balkans tangle could be misled.
The ability to shape texts in terms of both anachronous and synchronous timing, the aesthetic qualities of the way time is manipulated and played out in texts such as those created by the students in Game Maker and the manipulation of time in dramatic space come to mind as clear examples of this.
Certainly, in light of Merrell's insightful discussion, Borges's refutation does not appear as the "anachronous reductio ad absurdum" that Borges himself claims it to be.
Also, within the context of the film she comes across as something of an anachronous figure.
Prilicev's translations of the "Ulysses" and his verses from Greek seem anachronous and rather pale.
In Freud's conceptualization, the dream image, with its potential to bear traces from early childhood through the present, renders individual history anachronous, as it appears in this film.
Over the course of the past decade or so, many commentators, drawing heavily on Foucault's seminal "What is an Author?," have suggested that, because the Renaissance lacked a modern understanding of copyright, then the concept of proprietary authorship is anachronous when applied to Renaissance writers.
He writes, "I think they hate me, though I try not to look at them almost at all." In the icy and silent setting, his only friend is Storm Cloud, a Native American who is a tragic and anachronous outsider.