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chronologically misplaced

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The ability to shape texts in terms of both anachronous and synchronous timing, the aesthetic qualities of the way time is manipulated and played out in texts such as those created by the students in Game Maker and the manipulation of time in dramatic space come to mind as clear examples of this.
Also, within the context of the film she comes across as something of an anachronous figure.
Prilicev's translations of the "Ulysses" and his verses from Greek seem anachronous and rather pale.
4) Because Rational texts project utopia in time, either into the past or future, examples of this sub-category are numerous and highlight the paradigm's implicitly anachronous character.
have suggested that, because the Renaissance lacked a modern understanding of copyright, then the concept of proprietary authorship is anachronous when applied to Renaissance writers.
In the icy and silent setting, his only friend is Storm Cloud, a Native American who is a tragic and anachronous outsider.
Today, Youngstown seems curiously vibrant and anachronous.
17), resulting in risibly anachronous conclusions concerning the early dialects; in the same passage she has also misread the text's yakugo 'glossing' as hon'yaku 'translating'.
Its anachronous plot follows a journalist named Junior on a quest for a storytelling machine created by the Argentinian poet-novelist Macedonio Fernandez as a substitute for his dead--possibly "disappeared"--wife Elena.