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Synonyms for anachronism

something located at a time when it could not have existed or occurred

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an artifact that belongs to another time

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a person who seems to be displaced in time

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All but one of the show's five small canvases focus on an individual anachronistically dressed and captured in a moment of cadaverous torpor, and each was overwhelmed, perhaps strategically, by the huge space.
Forse thus anachronistically insists that anyone of about eighteen years of age must have been considered a man.
The idea is not merely to provide incentive and a career structure in a profession that still struggles anachronistically under obscure Nightingalean ideological baggage, but to increase self-esteem in a group whose members have for too long been seen as the handmaidens of senior doctors and the harem of junior ones.
Efforts to make sense of Chinese elite thought before the Opium War foundered, until very recently, upon western scholars' inability to see this thought in its own terms, rather than anachronistically as a functional or dysfunctional prelude to Chinese "modernization" after the Opium War.
He anachronistically reads the post-70 figure of "rabbi," tel quel, into the time of Jesus.
In anachronistically summoning a modernist aesthetic, Olson's works often evoke the ghost of industrialism's soot and oil.
And when he considers the professions of belief in terrestrial immobility, he appreciates both their sincerity around 1650 (many historians, anachronistically, do not) and their hollowness fifty years later.
The settlers, too, he sees in a fresh light as both anachronistically resenting the governors as instruments of a remote and hostile authority and, equally anachronistically, expecting them to be Platonic guardians, ruling in a powerful but benevolently paternalistic manner.
Take The Tourists (all works 2007), which anachronistically poses two grinning, sunglasses-wearing Helens, presumably spending a nice day in Sparta hunting for fashionable accoutrements.
Although Welti makes his case in a German that is fashionably and liberally sprinkled with Anglicisms, his core terminology is anachronistically old-fashioned.
Nares's contribution was Rome '78, in which various habitues of the Mudd Club (Eric Mitchell, Lydia Lunch, David McDermott III), garbed in togas and clanking armor or, anachronistically, in lacy skivvies, camped their way through a Fall of Rome script for seventy-five tedious minutes.
It has generally been easier to link Antoninus to Dominici and to caricature him as a reactionary humanist-baiter, or to dismiss him as a Thomistic clone who time anachronistically warped into the midst of the Florentine Renaissance.
Thus, Cyprien Gaillard showed several works emblematic of this disturbed temporality: "Belief in the Age of Disbelief," 2005, a group of seventeenth-century engravings into which he has anachronistically inserted modern buildings; "Geographical Analogies," 2006, a series of Polaroid landscapes assembled by formal analogy; and the video The Smithsons, 2005, in which, to the accompaniment of a song by the Smiths, one sees views (shot from upper Manhattan) of New Jersey, whose architectural ruin was announced by Robert Smithson.
So widely imitated in the following century was his use of illusionistic effects and color that he is now typically if anachronistically considered a precursor to the Baroque.
Yet despite the blunt calamity of these "shock photos" it is, pace Roland Barthes, in the vivid punctum of each--the telephone worker's anachronistically creased trousers and dress shoes, the woman's handbag still slung across her shoulder like that of a shopper in line at the supermercado--that their full feeling seeps through.