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Synonyms for anachronism

something located at a time when it could not have existed or occurred

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an artifact that belongs to another time

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a person who seems to be displaced in time

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But policymaking -- particularly central banking -- remains anachronistically national and parochial.
But policymaking, particularly central banking, remains anachronistically national and parochial.
Murphy introduces a matricidal two-headed Sarah Paulson and Jessica Lange anachronistically singing David Bowie's "Life on Mars" in 1952.
She marshals strong evidence that the entire concept of written law was absent in the Persian period and only arose during the Hellenistic period and was anachronistically written into the story of Ezra's work in Yehud.
Ultimately, the exhibition brings together the often anachronistically separated practices of drawing and sculpting.
After scuffling with the men, the anachronistically gallant Stone rescues the girl and takes her back to the chamber.
At one point, in a diatribe about the need for new theatrical forms that can inspire and change audiences, Konstantin (now known as "Con") refers anachronistically to Cirque du Soleil as "the hand-job of the theatre," because of that company's purported lack of substance.
To break the resistance of the anachronistically Jacobin, anti-democratic and inward-looking old establishment, the AK Party pushed for reforms and democratization steps, eliminating the power and influence of the Kemalists-secularists in the state.
Also, the sacraments are treated anachronistically (134, 170), while the church is sometimes treated as an abstraction (132).
Richards gives a stern reminder for historians who approach Elizabeth's reign anachronistically.
They are deeply embedded within the humanist culture of Quattrocento Naples, especially the gatherings generally described (anachronistically) as the Accademia Napoletana or Accademia Pontaniana.
But for the very best schadenfreude--the sort that curbs your jealousy at not being fantastically, photogenically, anachronistically wealthy--nothing beats the Real Bluebloods of Downton.
So this is where I must acknowledge that I came into my experience with David Goodis backward or anachronistically or mediated by the media--that is to say that my acquaintance with him was based on films made from his work.
is it worth eight weeks of agony for the anachronistically feeble first prize of PS25,000?
This doubtless reflects the book's intended audience, which is the educated layperson (whom Hutchinson anachronistically addresses as "gentle" or "dear reader" periodically throughout the text).