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chronologically misplaced

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The Cypriot Foreign Minister expressed satisfaction for Russia's clear position in favour of the abolishment of the 1960 anachronistic system of guarantor powers and of any intervention rights, as well as for the need for the unhindered continuation of a UN peacekeeping presence in Cyprus as long as the current, unacceptable state of affairs continues.
He also noted that the Greek position is that the Cyprus problem is a matter of implementing international law, adding that the "anachronistic system of guarantees" cannot be maintained.
'Alam niyo po itong nagbubuhay ng death penalty wala na sa panahon, anachronistic na kasi sa buong mundo ngayon ang pagsisigaw ay tanggalin ang death penalty.
Anachronistic because Birmingham is one of the few local authorities which still retain the 11-plus, and, as the Times Educational Supplement (15 June) says, internationally 'the highest performing educational systems are comprehensive'.
If you look at it objectively the vicepresidency is quite anachronistic and I wouldn't fight tooth and nail to keep it if I'm honest.
(2.) It's not anachronistic, but the labels on the gas tanks are out of place: They reflect degrees of political instability rather than grades of gas.
"Your policy is anachronistic because you publish advertisements for EU and NATO integration while at the same time you search for the roots in the Illyrians and you underestimate today's ethnic Albanians.
It's time for us to scrap this anachronistic ban," said Republican Sen.
The coalition was set up by the National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA) and the Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA), which claim stamp duty is an "anachronistic" tax which limits flexibility in the housing market and should be modernised.
It is only by getting rid of anachronistic institutions that cater largely for the working classes that our cities can be improved and made fit for the New Century and the challenges of modern mass tourism.
For example, she labels the typical ethnocentrism of ancient peoples, including Israel's, as nationalism, a label thoroughly anachronistic in this context (see M.
While some of Sue Careless's treatment of the Eucharistic Liturgy may be anachronistic, she speaks for a number of Anglicans who are concerned about the rapid abandonment of the traditional liturgical gems of our shared tradition.
In 'The Granada of Charles V', Tafuri was undoubtedly correct in emphasising that monarch's obsessions with symbols, mottoes, heraldry, emblems, and with 'anachronistic aspirations' focused on 'the torments of his soul': but Charles was by no means alone among his contemporaries.
"The persistence of erroneous beliefs exacerbates the widespread anachronistic failure to recognize the urgent problems that face humanity on this planet."
It in fact summarily dismisses this important aspect of Islamic tradition with regard to the protection of nature: "Though the classical legal traditions contain material dealing with the environment, such as forbidding cruelty to animals, regulating water distribution and establishing undeveloped zones (himas) for the protection of watersheds, to attribute to them an environmental ethic in the contemporary sense would be anachronistic" (859).