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chronologically misplaced

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Anachronistic because Birmingham is one of the few local authorities which still retain the 11-plus, and, as the Times Educational Supplement (15 June) says, internationally 'the highest performing educational systems are comprehensive'.
It's not anachronistic, but the labels on the gas tanks are out of place: They reflect degrees of political instability rather than grades of gas.
Your policy is anachronistic because you publish advertisements for EU and NATO integration while at the same time you search for the roots in the Illyrians and you underestimate today's ethnic Albanians.
In spite of plot improbabilities and anachronistic opinions held by various characters, this tale is an interesting look at a time when girls were confined by law and marketed like cattle.
In chapter 1, De La Torre discusses the social process of reading, defines key terms and concepts for his study, and demonstrates how sometimes modern readers have a tendency to impose meanings on ancient biblical texts that are anachronistic.
Krauthammer, never known as a supporter of a high wall between church and state, called the persistent battles over evolution in the United States "so anachronistic and retrograde as to be a national embarrassment.
In Losung (Solution)--lest the historical valence be underestimated, Endlosung means "final solution"--behind the heavily draped window of a squat modern house in the country, a couple embraces or wrestles awkwardly while, outside, a group of anachronistic figures float under a twilit sky suggestive of Caspar David Friedrich.
By continuing to hold to his 1961 view that schizophrenia is a "myth," Szasz is increasingly viewed as anachronistic.
There is something oddly anachronistic about Christopher Williams, the 28-year-old dancer, choreographer, and puppet-master.
Your motion is] inappropriate, anachronistic, [and] it isn't done anymore.
Korda's use of "housework theory," which posits that "domestic work under capitalism is not considered 'real' work because 'women's productive labor is confined to use-values while men produce for exchange" (54) seems anachronistic, neglecting the "putting-out" system for textiles: it was precisely household weavers exchanging their products for money who initiated English proto-capitalism.
It seems anachronistic to expect the 15th-century artisan who fabricated the chandelier to have bothered with this detail.
Anachronistic conflicts are making headlines all over Latin America these days.
It is anachronistic to call it England when it has players from outside England.
Despite the simmering homo lust and the anachronistic inclusion of a lovely, bluesy ballad by the Hothouse Flowers, Borstal Boy is a throwback to the most unabashedly old-fashioned brand of movie storytelling.