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Synonyms for anachronism

something located at a time when it could not have existed or occurred

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an artifact that belongs to another time

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a person who seems to be displaced in time

References in classic literature ?
All right, then, you prefer to be anachronisms," Ernest laughed.
Hermann, that Glaucon and Adeimantus are not the brothers but the uncles of Plato, or the fancy of Stallbaum that Plato intentionally left anachronisms indicating the dates at which some of his Dialogues were written.
This life by Planudes contains, however, so small an amount of truth, and is so full of absurd pictures of the grotesque deformity of Aesop, of wondrous apocryphal stories, of lying legends, and gross anachronisms, that it is now universally condemned as false, puerile, and unauthentic.
Speed with Guy Martin Channel 4, 8pm He's something of an anachronism, Guy Martin (above).
While many non-smokers can easily recall the misery of a nicotine-fogged night out in pubs, clubs and restaurants, it now, thankfully, seems as much of an anachronism as the days of smoke-filled cinemas and aeroplanes.
The BBC is an anachronism in the year 2013 and has had its day.
Public service radio and TV are an expensive anachronism in the year 2013.
The endangered democratic processes create an ambience of dark territory on the Balkan that inevitably leads to disappearance sooner or later and anachronism.
Broderick Munro-Wilson was well aware that his idiosyncratic version of the style was an anachronism.
The fact that Jefferson is texting the Declaration of Independence is an anachronism.
2) Discourse regarding De Quincey's anachronism tends to cluster around the historical valence of the term: De Quincey is a late Romantic publishing with Victorian means and concerns, De Quincey is a Romantic writing gothic novels, De Quincey is the untimely being of Modernism, De Quincey earned his minor fame much later than his peers.
Gary creator Greg McHugh should be spitting bombs when this dismal anachronism gets airtime, let alone prime time.
For Bellori, anachronism is a device that gives the artist license to combine different times in the same image.
The anachronism debate has sometimes been a touchstone of interdisciplinarity as well.
The fizzy drink-swilling, pie-guzzling image of the truck driver is now an anachronism if results from a survey by Clearstone HGV driver training and recruitment are to be believed.