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chronologically misplaced

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Much as the local authorities use the concept of multicultural past more (Lublin) or less (Bialystok) effectively, they do so in random and anachronic manner, excepting most topics that might be controversial from the point of view of the dominant group (such as a period of quantitative dominance of the Jewish population in Bialystok).
This essay is related to their 2005 article in Art Bulletin and to their eagerly awaited book Anachronic Renaissance.
Even otherwise, a military dictator in India which has inured people to democracy is considered anachronic.
Parper's speech, however, has the anachronic tone of a bygone British ruling class ("By Jove" and "Goodness", he exclaims; he announces proudly that he "started below the salt and worked [his] way up to the head of the table").
Old psychiatrists are considered anachronic because they stick to their obsolete isolation treatments while the young are kind to their patients and represent therapeutic innovation.
Here we might glimpse a mode of historical criticism that is neither synchronic nor diachronic but rather what we might call, in its cross-hatching of past and present, anachronic.
Furthermore, numerous character stereotypes gain momentum in their pertinent anachronic preparedness of grandiose-sounding names, so reminiscent of Roman emperors and Greek gods.
The anachronic posture suggested by the latter two - favouring a strong Serbia as a counterweight to the supposedly pro-German Croatia and Slovenia - has allowed the perpetration of the biggest genocide in Europe since the Second World War.