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the synthesis in living organisms of more complex substances (e

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Market Research of BCAAs in China BCAAs (Branched-Chain Amino Acids), as one kind of amino acids with high value-added, are widely used as the dietary supplement among the people involved in bodybuilding and athletics, as they can promote human muscle anabolism.
Biologics, namely bisphosphonates, are being investigated as their inherent mechanism delays necrotic bone resorption without enhancing anabolism.
Insulin-like growth factor-I, physical activity, and control of cellular anabolism.
The [Hc] in crustacean hemolymph is determined by the balance between anabolism and catabolism of the protein.
Progressive exercise for anabolism in kidney disease (PEAK): A randomized, controlled trial of resistance training during hemodialysis.
28) Both anabolism and catabolism, the building up and breaking down of biochemicals in metabolism in organisms, are the modern expressions of Aquinas's description.
In science, building up is known as anabolism, and tearing down is known as catabolism.
Measurements were conducted on the cultures grown on 1% and 3% NaC1 mineral media with or without a source of organic carbon for anabolism.
Although anabolism and catabolism in modernist poetry are not to be seen as pure categories (these two tendencies seldom intersect as they do in the modernist technique of montage), in modernism catabolic poetry occurred far more frequently and in its extreme forms (i.
6), (13), (14) Intervention Directions Rationale Halt protein and fat Dextrose IV at 10 Insulin and glucose intake and replace mg/kg/min [+ or -] promote anabolism and calories with insulin to maintain inhibit glucose normoglycaemia.
Turnover of pigment granules: cyclic catabolism and anabolism of ommochromes within epidermal cells.
In healthy subjects, it is well established that high-resistance strengthening exercise causes both muscle anabolism and catabolism in skeletal muscle, with a net anabolic effect (29).
12) In this regard, glutamate is an amino acid necessary for protein anabolism, and it is known to be a very important excitatory nervous system neurotransmitter.
2009) Nutrition, anabolism and the wound healing process: An overview.
That is why one can argue that the need to exert physical activity - viewed as a means of physical education and sport, whether professional or amateur - is also a biological need that is integrated in man's various organic necessities, as are those "linked to the assimilation and dissimilation process, or anabolism and catabolism, such as hunger, thirst and breathing, on one hand, and the necessity to preserve the species, or sexual instinct, on the other.