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suspended animation in organisms during periods of extreme drought from which they revive when moisture returns

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The majority of microorganisms under natural conditions can survive for a long time in the anabiosis state and pass into an active performance only when the relative humidity of the medium reaches 60% and that ofthe substrate (constructions, walls, etc.) exceeds 50%.
En 1981, se creo la Asociacion Internacional para el Estudio de las ECM (IANDS, por sus siglas en Ingles) que se encargo de la publicacion Anabiosis: Journal for Near-Death Studies, la cual cambio su nombre, en 1987, por Journal of Near-Death Studies que aparece 4 veces al ano.
To Richard Smyth: Your write up for The Anabiosis [reanimation after apparent death] Press comes off as a crock of diversionary inanity, one the oligarchs will certainly approve: "The convergence of poetry, hypertext, and theory: this is the future of publication.
His chapbook <i>Gold Leaf on Granite</i> won the 2008 Anabiosis Press Contest.
Anabiosis: The Journal of Near-Death Studies, 4, 87-96.
The problem of anabiosis or latent life: history and current concept.