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a complex carbohydrate found chiefly in seeds, fruits, tubers, roots and stem pith of plants, notably in corn, potatoes, wheat, and rice

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Tate, which has plants in East London and Selby, North Yorkshire, has struggled with the highest wheat prices since 1996 which put pressure on its European food starch arm Amylum.
The London-based group said wheat and maize prices in Europe had risen by 20pc since November, putting pressure on margins at its European cereal sweetener and food starch arm Amylum.
Profits were boosted by an improved performance from its European starch company Amylum, where better sales of high-margin products offset lower prices.
Protein- Dietary Normal restricted components diet (%) diet (%) Carbohydrate (amylum IP) 70 83 Fat (peanut oil) 7 7 Protein (casein) 18 5 Salt mixture (a) 4 4 Vitamin mixture (b) 1 1 IP, industrial production.
Food and drink: The Commission cleared on 11 August an acquisition by UK sugar giant Tate & Lyle of sole control of Amylum UK and Amylum Europe, both previously jointly controlled by Tate and Compagnie Industrielle et Financiere des Produits Amylaces SA (CIP).
The firm is set to acquire the remainder of Amylum and Staley, two firms they have minority shares in, from French firm CIP for pounds 274million.
The native corn starch was from Amylum, with 30 wt% amylose and 70 wt% amylopectin content, and was plasticized with 35 wt% glycerol.
The increasing tendency with the species in PROP feeding group demonstrated that propionate supplementation probably had a positive effect on degrading of amylum.
Most recently, she worked for Amylum (a division of Tate and Lyle) as Regional Sales Manager and Key Account Manager.
It had been boosted by the improved performance of cereal sweetener and food starch arm Amylum.
Despite the dip in profits, Tate and Lyle's underlying trading was in line with internal expectations and had been boosted by the improved performance of cereal sweetener and food starch arm Amylum.
Its North American starch business Staley and European starch company Amylum improved performance, benefiting from better margins.
One unit of amylase activity was defined as 10 mg amylum was hydrolyzed by 100 ml enzyme solution in 30 min at 37[degrees]C.
TATE & Lyle, the food company best known for its sugar products, disappointed investors yesterday by revealing it expects margins at its Amylum starch business to be flat during the second half year.
In Europe, the company said its Amylum sweetner and starch business had seen price increases of around ten per cent in January, which would improve earnings next year.