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Figure 4 shows the effects of cultivation temperature on the amylolytic enzyme production.
Optimum production of extracellular, thermostable amylolytic enzymes ([alpha] and [beta]-amylase) by a newly isolated bacterium, Bacillus stearothermophilus, was investigated in a batch bioreactor.
3% increase after 12 hours of incubation with regard to the in vitro degradability of starch treated with amylolytic enzymes of B.
Advances in the use of exogenous amylolytic enzymes to increase the energetic value of the grains used to elaborate ruminant feeds is an excellent option to improve animal production.
Through immunohistochemical studies in our lab we have localized amylolytic enzymes in the chick embryonic pancreas.
The production of syrup with a high content of dextrose equivalent (DE) from hydrolyzed starch requires the application of amylolytic enzymes such as amylases ([alpha]-amylase (EC 3.
APUs enzymes discovered from hyperthermophiles are replacing the use of other amylolytic enzymes in starch industry.
The amylolytic enzymes can be divided into three groups: [alpha]-amylase, [beta]-amylase, and glucoamylase, which are capable of hydrolyzing starch and glycogen
The Starch degrading amylolytic enzymes have a great commercial value in biotechnological applications ranging from food, fermentation, textile to paper industries (Lin and Hsu, 1977; Pandey et al.