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conversion of starch to sugar

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Using roll-tube technique, the rumen amylolytic bacteria (p<0.05) and cellulolytic bacterial populations (p<0.01) were enhanced, while proteolytic count remained unchanged.
Selective media isolated bacteria were belonging to five metabolic-related groups (cellulolytic bacteria, lactic acid bacteria, proteolytic bacteria, lipolytic bacteria, and amylolytic bacteria) and two genera (Vibrio and Bacillus).
Yeast strains (QAUSC03 and QAUSC05) indicated the proteolytic activity with the formation of clear zones around the colonies displayed no amylolytic activity (Table 1).Yeast strains also showed a high resistance pattern to bile i.e., the mean values of bile tolerance rate of strain no.
Similar results were obtained when evaluating the densities of the amylolytic bacteria, proteolytic bacteria,
The use of low purification bacterial amylolytic preparations may be a cost-effective and efficient method of obtaining starches having modified properties without any nonbiological components or affected by high temperatures or pressures.
Moreover, endophyte-derived amylolytic enzymes are being assessed to improve industrial processes for polysaccharides and protein biodegradation (Fouda et al., 2015).
Therefore, the present study had as objective to evaluate the banana leaf stalk use as substrate in solid-state fermentation (SSF) for production of amylolytic and cellulolytic enzymes by Penicillium spp.
F.Preliminary approach to detect amylolytic and pectinolytic activities from maca (Lepidium meyenii Walp.) Revista Brasileira de Ciencias Farmaceuticas.
It is traditionally prepared from wild plants that harbor microorganisms needed for the amylolytic fermentation (Rai and Subba (2003)).
Basic technological parameters of flour are content and quality of proteins, content of ash, amylolytic activity expressed as falling number or moisture.
Li, "Optically pure L-lactic acid production directly from leftover bits and pieces of potato starch using an amylolytic pellet-form complex Rhizopus oryzae ASC081," Journal of Applied Science and Engineering, vol.
Similar results (hydrolysis yield of up to 20% after 48-64 h at 37[degrees]C) were obtained for Dextranase 501 (a commercial preparation containing several hydrolytic activities) and glucanohydrolase with dextranolytic and amylolytic activity from Lipomyces starkeyi [39, 40].
Degradation of starch into a variety of different products is performed by amylolytic enzymes, such as [alpha]-amylase, glucoamylase, [beta]-amylase, isoamylase, pullulanase, exo-1,4-[alpha]-D-glucanase, [alpha]-D-glycosidase, and cyclomaltodextrin-D-glucotransferase [3].
Production of amylase has been improved by using genetically modified strains that reduce the polymerization of maltose during amylolytic action [20].