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conversion of starch to sugar

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Merry and Mcallan [26] reported that the purine contents were higher in amylolytic bacteria than in cellulolytic bacteria, which was associated with differences in bacteria species and changes in the metabolic activity of bacteria.
Based on the proteolytic and amylolytic activities, two bacterial isolates with maximum potential of starch and protein degradation were chosen; K2 from Bani Malek hot spring and K10 from Al-khoba hot spring.
Production of amylolytic enzyme by rumen fungi, neocallimastix sp.
Even though aerobic amylolytic Gram-positive bacilli were observed, it is likely that certain compounds present in the cell-staining wastewater like ethanol, acid, iodine and dyes as methylene blue inhibited its sporulation activity (Bohin et al.
Amylolytic enzymes hydrolyze a-14- glycosidic linkages for the breakdown of starch glycogen or other polysaccharides into saccharides.
Preliminary screenings of amylolytic activity of LAB isolates were tested in the starch agar plates.
In addition, the quality of the wort obtained from laboratory-scale mashing trials was analyzed, particularly with regard to cytolytic, proteolytic and amylolytic properties.
However, maximum amylolytic activity was observed when cells of Bacillus 208 were grown in LB medium containing 1% starch as compared to the minimal medium with the same substrate concentration (Fig.
In the same manner, more ethanol from starch was produced when amylolytic yeasts Saccharomyces diastaticus and Endomycopsis capsularis mixed with S.
Digestive proteolytic and amylolytic activities in Trogoderma granarium Everts (Dermestidae: Coleoptera).
Especially, the stimulating growth by probiotics containing LAB strains has been associated with improved feed conversion ratio and protein efficiency ratio attributed to an increase in lactic acid and cellulolytic and amylolytic enzyme production (Kesarcodi-Watson et al.
Effect of unpalatable diets, food restriction and saccharin-adulterated diet on tryptic, chymotryptic, and amylolytic activity in pancreas, intestine and feces of rats.