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conversion of starch to sugar

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Therefore, the gluten deformation index presented a good correlation with the development time, stability and the Mixolab parameters curve corresponding to protein weakening (C2, difference of the points C1 and C2), starch gelatinization (C3) and amylolytic activity (C4).
Samples were analyzed for total amylolytic activity, reducing sugars, PPO, soluble solids, alcohol insoluble solids, total phenolics and moisture every 10 minutes.
It is then treated with amylolytic enzymes that are approved for food manufacturing processes.
Some types of resistant starch are resistant to amylolytic enzymes included in the AOAC Total Dietary Fibre methodologies, so indigestible portions are reported as dietary fibre for labelling purposes.
Amylolytic activity and carbohydrate levels during the stamen ontogeny of a male fertile, and a "gibberellin-sensitive" male sterile mutant of tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum).
Rumen fluid was also determined for direct count of protozoa and fungal zoospores using the methods described by Galyean (1989) by a haemacytometer (Boeco, Singapore) and bacteria (total viable, cellulolytic, amylolytic, and proteolytic) were measured using roll-tube technique (Hungate, 1969).
Amylolytic activity of the crystalline style of Mya arenaria (Bivalvia, Mollusca).
The exclusive use of un-malted millet flour in Ekitiribita without addition of malt, which initiates the fermentation, supplies fermentable sugars and amylolytic enzymes slows down the fermentation process [5, 20].
For determination of amylolytic activity starch agar was used and incubated at 37[degrees]C for 48h.
Optimum production of extracellular, thermostable amylolytic enzymes ([alpha] and [beta]-amylase) by a newly isolated bacterium, Bacillus stearothermophilus, was investigated in a batch bioreactor.
Through immunohistochemical studies in our lab we have localized amylolytic enzymes in the chick embryonic pancreas.
The higher fermentable energy from rice bran in the dietary treatment T3 probably caused the competition of N utilization among the fibrolytic bacteria and amylolytic bacteria.
To achieve the first goal, the specific activity of proteolytic, cellulolytic, and amylolytic enzymes was compared between males and females collected in winter, when males are in a resting, postreproductive period, whereas females, which do not feed during the summer ovigerous period, are developing ovaries and preparing for the next reproductive season (Ituarte et al.