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a disorder characterized by deposit of amyloid in organs or tissues

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Kirkland, WA) was recently issued a new United States patent pertaining to new methods and compounds for treating human amyloid diseases, including Alzheimer's disease.
Unlike the protein misfolding and aggregation events seen in pathological amyloid diseases such as Alzheimer s and Parkinson s disease, curli are the product of a dedicated protein secretion machinery.
Natural compounds may open new routes to treatment of amyloid diseases.
The topics include insights from crystallography into amyloid structures at the atomic level, structural and compositional information about pre-amyloid oligomers, the kinetics and mechanisms of amyloid formation, animal models of amyloid diseases, hormone anyloids in sickness and in health, and harnessing the self-assembling properties of proteins in spider silk and lung surfactant.
This research is an important first step toward the development of structure-based drugs designed against amyloid diseases," Eisenberg, who is a UCLA professor of chemistry, biochemistry and biological chemistry and a member of the California NanoSystems Institute at UCLA, said.