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any of a group of proteins found in saliva and pancreatic juice and parts of plants

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Scientific studies have suggested chewing food 20-40 times triggers the secretion of amylase in your saliva.
The yield of active amylase was confirmed at 1 mM IPTG concentration in supernatant and this culture medium served as primordial stage of amylase purification following a series of purification techniques.
Estimation of phenolic content, flavonoid content, antioxidant and alpha amylase inhibitory activity of marketed polyherbal formulation.
The results of the second amylase measurements provide a clue about the role of the autonomic nervous system in these diseases.
The digestive enzymes serum amylase and lipase are of pancreatic origin.
A direct relation was found between substrate concentration and amylase enzyme activity (IU).
Gumaste et al proposed that the serum lipase/ amylase ratio of greater than 2 could differentiate acute episodes.
Serum amylase is influenced by many factors under both physiological and pathological conditions.
Yoshida, "Performance evaluation of salivary amylase activity monitor," Biosensors and Bioelectronics, vol.
Specifically, [alpha]CD inhibited pancreatic amylase activity [2] and suppressed increases in blood sugar [3].
The AP diagnosis requires 2 of the following 3 criteria: acute onset of severe, persistent, epigastric pain radiating to back; serum lipase or amylase levels at least 3 times greater than the upper limit of normal; signs of pancreatic inflammation or edema on imaging (1-3).
For the dextrinizing amylase and saccharifying activity quantification, 40 [micro]L of sodium acetate buffer (500 mmol.[L.sup.-1], pH 6.0), 100 [micro]L of 0.5% starch solution (w/v), and 60 [micro]L of the aliquot removed from the fermentation medium.
The diagnosis is most commonly based upon characteristic history of acute abdomen accompanied with rise in levels of pancreatic enzymes namely amylase and lipase in serum.
Based on the biochemical characterization, all the isolates were lipase positive, 11 isolates showed amylase activity, while only 3 of them showed cellulase activity [3].