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resembling starch

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(1991) with heat stable alpha-amylase for solubilization the amylaceous compound (MERTENS, 2002) and sodium sulfite used in the NDF procedure, and expressed inclusive of residual ash.
Most extenders added to PF resin in plywood manufacture are proteinaceous and amylaceous materials, such as soy meal, wheat flour, furfural residue, because they can enter into the matrix of the binders (Gardner et al.
They are currently 6.3%, except for those based on amylaceous substances, for which a variable rate applies.
Although this species develops best in processed amylaceous commodities, both larvae and adults can infest, feed, and develop in sound kernels (Aitken 1975).
Slurries of amylaceous flour from milled seed of cereals, beans and legumes containing dispersed particles of starch-protein agglomerates are subjected to high pressure to obtain deagglomerated starch granules and protein.
(e) This pathologic change indicates that amylaceous substance is present in brain tissue.