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shaped like an almond

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Most of the samples are amygdaloidal and microporphyritic with glassy to microcrystalline groundmass.
Natrolite occurs with other zeolites in the amygdaloidal cavities of basaltic igneous rocks.
Figures 5a and 5b show a typical prehnite-pumpellyite subfacies assemblage in amygdaloidal basalt.
Andesitic volcaniclastic rocks and locally amygdaloidal coherent lavas or sills have also been mapped in the area.
Massive amygdaloidal and porphyritic basalts occur in the northeastern and central regions of the study area.
The Taurus property and surrounding area are underlain by an upright sequence of Division II massive to pillowed to rarely amygdaloidal, medium grey-green basaltic flows, chert and argillite, occasional ultramafic flows or sills, and mafic and lamprophyre dykes.
The UFU, of minimum 100 m thickness, is again dominated by massive, columnar-jointed, medium-grained basalt containing <20-30% mesostasis, and with minor amygdaloidal zones containing zeolite minerals.
The drill hole intersected Bowser sediments to a depth of 47 metres, and intercalated pyritic mudstone and amygdaloidal basalt to 144 metres.
Most basalt in the area is massive, but considerable amounts are amygdaloidal.