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a bitter cyanogenic glucoside extracted from the seeds of apricots and plums and bitter almonds

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Bitter apricot extract also has amygdalin, which is believed to eradicate tumors and prevent the reproduction of cancer cells.
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Haplotypes were tested by API 50CHB strips (BioMerieux, Inc., France) for utilization of the following substrates: glycerol, erythritol, D-arabinose, L-arabinose, ribose, D-xylose, L-xylose, Adonitol, B-methyl xyloside, galactose, glucose, fructose, mannose, L-sorbose, rhamnose, dulcitol, inositol, sorbitol, mannitol, L-methyl-D-mannoside, D-methyl-D-glucoside, N-acetylglucosamine, amygdalin, arbutin, aesculin, salicin, cellobiose, maltose, lactose, sucrose, Trehalose, gentiobiose, melibiose, raffinose, melezitose, starch, glycogen, inulin, D-turanose, D-tagatose, D-fucose, L-fucose, D-lyxose, D-arabitol, L-arabitol, xylitol, gluconate, and 2,5-ketogluconate.
Amygdalin (also known as Laetrile or vitamin B17) is a poisonous cyanogenic glycoside substance found naturally in many plants, including raw nuts such as bitter almonds and the pips of many fruits (particularly apricot pips or kernels).
Weight Plants ratio (%) Major components Ephedra Herb 32.3 Ephedrine, Tannin Apricot Kernel 32.3 Amygdalin Cinnamon Bark 25.8 Cinnamic aldehyde, Tannin Glycyrrhiza Root 9.6 Glycyrrhizin
Other chemical constituents include vitamin C, saponins, tannins, cardiotonic amines (phenylethylamine, tyramine, isobutylamine, O-methoxy phenylethylamine, choline and acetylcholine), purine derivatives (adenosine, adenine, guanine, caffeic acid, amygdalin), triterpene acids ursolic acid (Verma et al.
Apple seeds contain a compound called amygdalin, which is a cyanide-and-sugar based molecule.
In Prunus, enzymes associated with this activity include amygdalin hydrolase, prunasin hydrolase, and mandelonitrile lyase (Swain et al., 1992).
It contains amygdalin, hydrocyanic acid, and considerable amounts of phytosterol, which is composed of beta sitosterol and campesterol (1)
vulnificus Item isolates Gram--staining Gram--negative slightly curved rods Motility Motile O/129 sensitivity (150 mg) + B--Galactosidase production -- (OP.N.G) Arginine dihydrolase production (ADH) Lysine decarboxylase Variable production(LDC) Ornithine decarboxylase Variable production(ODC) Citrate utilization (CIT) -- H2S production(H2S) -- Urease production(URE) -- Tryptophane deaminase -- production (TDA) Indole production(IND) Variable Acetoin production(VP) -- Gelatinase production(CEL) Variable Acid from glucose(GLU) Variable Acid from manitol(MAN) Variable Acid from inositol(INO) -- Acid from Sorbitol(SOR) -- Acid from rhamnose(RHA) -- Acid from sucrose(SAC) -- Acid from melibiose(MEL) -- Acid from amygdalin (AMY) + Acid from arabinose (ARA) -- Cytochrome oxidase (OX) +
CG, capsule gland; PG, prostate gland; RG, rectal gland; HBG, hypobranchial gland; SW, seawater; F, female; M, male; Biochemical test: ONPG, ortho-NitroPhenyl-[beta]-D-galactopyranoside; ADH, arginine dihydrolase; LDC, lysine decarboxylase; ODC, ornithine decarboxylase; CIT, citrate utilization; [H.sub.2]S, [H.sub.2]S production; URE, urease; TDA, tryptophan deaminase; IND, indole production; VP, acetoin production; GEL, gelatinase; GLU, glucose; MAN, mannitol; INO, inositol; SOR, sorbitol; RHA, rhamnose; SAC, saccharose; MEL, melibiose; AMY, amygdalin; ARA, arabinose.
Shortly after the successful culmination of the citizen movements for vitamin and saccharin access, masses of regular people organized to resist the FDA's ban on another product: an alternative cancer treatment derived from apricot pits called Laetrile (amygdalin).
It also contains the enzyme emulsin which in the presence of water acts on soluble glycosides amygdalin and prunasin [13] yielding glucose cyanide and the essential oil of bitter almonds which is nearly pure benzaldehyde.