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in an entertaining and amusing manner


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The amusingly varied crests of these beautiful edifices were the product of the same art as the simple roofs which they overshot, and were, actually, only a multiplication of the square or the cube of the same geometrical figure.
Khan had unveiled his government's four-pronged strategy to pull the country out of its "quagmire of loans" in Malaysia but with all the talks regarding the country's failing economy, a lighter moment emerged when Malaysian first lady Siti Hasmah Mohamad Ali asked Khan during a photo op: Prime minister, can I hold your hand?" PM Khan amusingly replied: Sure!", which drew laughter from the audience and a hearty chuckle from his Malaysian counterpart Mahathir Mohamad.
Relying mainly on physical comedy and some stellar facial acting, Offerman amusingly communicates that J-B Weld helps you fix broken stuff real good.
THE voting age likely to get younger and younger, reader John Bevan amusingly proposes that all children should be allowed to vote.
They are amusingly presented and divided up into: Religious, Business, Farming and travel news pages, along with Fashion, food, entertainment, letters and others.
Amusingly enough, Grape-kun doesn't appear to be particularly pleased being manhandled by some 3D woman.
ENTERTAINMENT It's the turn of Ghostbusters to get amusingly recreated by Keith Lemon and Paddy McGuinness.
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn's reshuffle this week of his Shadow Cabinet has amusingly been described as The Night of the Blunt Knives and it's unlikely anyone apart from political anoraks will recall the details.
His efforts to lure cool Oliver to the event sees the film take a subversive spin setting it apart from other familiar comedies of embarrassment) providing an unusually dark storyline that plays amusingly with notions of sexuality and celebrity.
Amusingly enough, it is a book, not a bomb, that threatens to disrupt the country's balance of power as a burnt-out novelist (Melvil Poupaud) finds himself a pawn in a political game of chess.
It's the story of AriBrooklyn escapee to upstate New York, all-but-dissertation grad student in women's studies, wife to a 15-years-older professor named Paul, mother to a baby named Walker, possessor of a rip-roaring case of postpartum (and likely pre-partum) depressionand the witty lines and amusingly nasty quips come fast and furious.
And he's a match for this amusingly flip material, delivered in unrelentingly frenzied fashion.
John Arnold and Maria Valdez as Figaro and Susanna played amusingly together through their many misunderstandings, while convincingly singing their complex parts.
(15) SPAIN'S celebrated director Pedro Almodovar returns with an amusingly over-the-top comedy whose ultra-camp humour makes for a movie that constantly delights.
And, even more amusingly, London mayor Boris Johnson mimicked the celebration at a post-Olympic Games press conference.