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Synonyms for amusing

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Synonyms for amusing

providing pleasure or entertainment

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Synonyms for amusing

providing enjoyment

Related Words

arousing or provoking laughter

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So, for a change, he decides to have his soul extracted and put in storage, then rents the soul of a Russian poet, in this amusing tale which also stars Emily Watson.
What was amusing was that some cars looked like Christmas trees, all lit up, others had no lights at all.
No embarrassing mishap or amusing scrape evades the Armytage antennae, and the delight in relaying the news to the widest possible audience is evident in his wry storytelling and skill with a punchline.
Gerald Hansen's "An Embarrassment of Riches" is a fast-paced, very amusing read.
The cartoons are fun and quirky and will amuse coffee lovers that feature an amusing angle into the world of coffee.
Amusing "fast facts" about famous celebrities pepper this collection of good times and behind-the-scenes glimpses into the lives of Hollywood elites.
A self-confessed candy addict, Almond travels to America's small candy factories, dispensing fascinating facts in a light, often amusing manner.
John Whyte's description of how he studied for his board examination by watching medical TV shows was vaguely amusing.
("The cashier always needs to change the tape when it's your turn to pay.") The author also lists his 10 best (yellow stickles, wheelies) and worst (powdered cream, the cubicle) business innovations of the last 50 years, and covers cell phones, voice mail, e-mail, and conference calls in similar amusing fashion.
Amusing "Did You Know?" quips spice up Math Dictionary with amusing anecdotes such as how the number "googol" (ten to the hundredth power) got its name.
From giving oneself permission to be happy now, rather than wait for self--imposed conditions to trigger happiness ("I'll be happy when I'm married," or "I'll be happy when I get promoted"), to the importance of learning to lighten up and enjoy the gift of humor, "The Happiness Solution" offers valuable insight in the amusing form of parables.
Anyway, the reason we found this amusing is last year First Arkansas formally objected to Bank of the Ozarks' application to build its first Jacksonville branch on the grounds that Jacksonville was already saturated with banks.
Maybe it was an amusing gesture in 1968 or '69, but it's hard to find any real significance in it now.
There's something about watching a bunch of kids turn into savages, possibly willing to kill their own grandmothers just for a free board, that I find amusing. Unfortunately, this year there was no air jousting, but there was the dunk tank!