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Synonyms for amusement

Synonyms for amusement

the condition of being amused

something, especially a performance or show, designed to entertain

Synonyms for amusement

a feeling of delight at being entertained

Related Words

an activity that is diverting and that holds the attention

References in classic literature ?
I thought that doctrine admitted some doubt, but merely replied--'If they were, we have no right to torment them for our amusement.
I think,' said she, 'a child's amusement is scarcely to be weighed against the welfare of a soulless brute.
If dancing formed the amusement of the night, they were partners for half the time; and when obliged to separate for a couple of dances, were careful to stand together and scarcely spoke a word to any body else.
cried Mazarin, fearing that should his prisoner ever leave his prison he would be the more exasperated against him if he thus retrenched his amusement.
Here was an entirely new amusement, in the most attractive sense of the words
After bruising myself severely, much to the amusement of the Martians, I again had recourse to creeping, but this did not suit them and I was roughly jerked to my feet by a towering fellow who had laughed most heartily at my misfortunes.
Caswall, who had never before seen any of these things, except those which he had collected himself, found a constant amusement and interest in them.
He was invited to survey and lay out Skeeterville, a town which the children were getting up in a huckleberry pasture; and he found much amusement in planning little roads, staking off house-lots, attending to the water-works, and consulting with the "selectmen" about the best sites for public buildings; for Mac was a boy still, in spite of his fifteen years and his love of books.
html) told CNN that she believes a proper coordinated effort by the authorities to collect data efficiently is required to ensure safety at these amusements parks.
M2 EQUITYBITES-October 3, 2016-Viacom Board Forms Special Committee to Evaluate National Amusements Pitch
Cineplex CEO Ellis Jacob, said, "With Premier Amusements as well as through strategic mergers and acquisitions like Brady Starburst last year, Cineplex Starburst has become one of the leading distributors and operators of amusement and gaming equipment across North America.
Dunes Amusements has applied to Middlesbrough Council for a part change of use at Regal Amusements on Linthorpe Road.
Polo RAK Amusements will open its ambitious 110,000 sq m water park project in Ras Al Khaimah on September 29.
These records must be maintained by the owner of the amusements for a period of two years.