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Synonyms for amusement

Synonyms for amusement

the condition of being amused

something, especially a performance or show, designed to entertain

Synonyms for amusement

a feeling of delight at being entertained

Related Words

an activity that is diverting and that holds the attention

References in classic literature ?
It was a three days' fete; the style and choice of amusements left to the guests, and an equal and active participation by no means necessary or indispensable.
When Marianne was recovered, the schemes of amusement at home and abroad, which Sir John had been previously forming, were put into execution.
If I am to be allowed my choice of amusements next time," said the worthy gentleman, "I think a play will suit me better than a concert.
She planned amusements to distract Meriem's attention from her sorrow, and she instituted a well-designed campaign to impress upon the child the desirability of civilized life and customs.
Behind the Luxembourg; that's a charming spot for such amusements as the one I propose to you.
But mark the distinction with which he is treated; instead of being knocked on the head as you would be if once they caught hold of you, he is simply sentenced to be guillotined, by which means, too, the amusements of the day are diversified, and there is a spectacle to please every spectator.
Then he inquired about him and had the vexation of hearing that the prisoner played, drank, sang, but that whilst playing, drinking, singing, he often stopped short to vow that Mazarin should pay dear for all the amusements he had forced him to enter into at Vincennes.
After a considerable sojourn at Monterey, spent in these very edifying, but not very profitable amusements, the leader of this vagabond party set out with his comrades, on his return journey.
I am not at all in favour of amusements for the poor, Jane.
No: no more than you love any of your amusements from instinct.
Bathing in company with troops of girls formed one of my chief amusements.
His chief amusements were gunning and fishing, or sauntering along the beach and through the myrtles, in quest of shells or entomological specimens; - his collection of the latter might have been envied by a Swammerdamm.
I do think, Judge Temple, that such dangerous amusements should be suppressed, by statute; nay, I doubt whether they are not already indict able at common law.
5th to Horses, the 6th to Servants, the 7th to Amusements, the 8th to Cloathes and the 9th to Silver Buckles.
I know the French delight in such amusements, -- you might take a fancy to see how we fight, and you might receive some chance shot.