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an arcade featuring coin-operated game machines

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The three Victorian piers, which were constructed using cast iron piles, steel frames and wooden decking, all boast amusement arcades and rides and generate a collective income of around PS1.
Then it was a wedding in the local register office, reception in a seafront chip shop and an afternoon in the amusement arcades.
Noble Group, which was established by William Noble in 1946, is one of the country's largest amusement arcade operators, it also owns a wide-ranging commercial property portfolio and has a variety of other business interests.
But a representative from Shipley's told the planning committee the family-run business had an impeccable record for well-run amusement arcades and denied the venue would become a hangout for local youths.
Arcades and bingo clubs employ 37,000 workers but in the last three years 255 amusement arcades and 91 bingo clubs have closed as first the Lottery and then the recession drained punters away.
It is clear from the prohibition in amusement arcades of FOBTs that the authorities do not want them in an isolated hard gambling environment.
At present casinos and bingo clubs pay just pounds 1,426 for a first application, while betting shops and amusement arcades pay pounds 1,134.
About Al Bustan Centre and ResidenceAl Bustan Centre and Residence - The luxurious residential, shopping and entertainment complex comprises of 640 suites, a comprehensive shopping mall with over 95 outlets and one of the biggest indoor amusement arcades in the UAE.
Michael Hall was a trusted employee at Tyne Tees Amusement Arcades in Marine Avenue, Whitley Bay.
AMUSEMENT arcades across South Wales face the prospect of going under due to tough new gambling laws, owners claim.
Les Harker, who has run amusement arcades and bingo halls in the area for nearly 45 years, said nobody was allowed to wear hooded tops on his premises.
It is acknowledged that the nature of amusement arcades tend to attract younger people who do not tend to use other shops.
BRITAIN has some beautiful coastline but it is so often spoilt by all the tacky gift shops, fast food outlets, amusement arcades and pubs.
THERE are fears that tacky amusement arcades could sprout up throughout Southport's traditional shopping area after a gambling company won an appeal to open an over-18s facility.
He shows the perennial attraction of the seaside in cultural artefacts from children's books to film, yet does not mention it as a theme in popular song; and the Americanisation of popular culture, which had its echoes in the resorts, not least in the introduction of their amusement arcades, gets scant attention.