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Synonyms for amusement

Synonyms for amusement

the condition of being amused

something, especially a performance or show, designed to entertain

Synonyms for amusement

a feeling of delight at being entertained

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an activity that is diverting and that holds the attention

References in classic literature ?
The prince's manner of treating the very people who, to Vronsky's surprise, were ready to descend to any depths to provide him with Russian amusements, was contemptuous.
After some casual remark about the weather, she observed--'I am sorry, Miss Grey, you should think it necessary to interfere with Master Bloomfield's amusements; he was very much distressed about your destroying the birds.'
'When Master Bloomfield's amusements consist in injuring sentient creatures,' I answered, 'I think it my duty to interfere.'
'But, for the child's own sake, it ought not to be encouraged to have such amusements,' answered I, as meekly as I could, to make up for such unusual pertinacity.
Her heart was not so much at ease, nor her satisfaction in their amusements so pure.
"Sir, those amusements are allowed; but if your eminence wishes it, we will discontinue the permission."
Here was an entirely new amusement, in the most attractive sense of the words!
To those who were in the secret of Don Quixote's humour all this afforded great amusement; but to those who knew nothing about it, it seemed the greatest nonsense in the world, in particular to the four servants of Don Luis, as well as to Don Luis himself, and to three other travellers who had by chance come to the inn, and had the appearance of officers of the Holy Brotherhood, as indeed they were; but the one who above all was at his wits' end, was the barber basin, there before his very eyes, had been turned into Mambrino's helmet, and whose pack-saddle he had no doubt whatever was about to become a rich caparison for a horse.
The simple talk of the barber did not afford less amusement than the absurdities of Don Quixote, who now observed:
I had almost forgotten a small summer theatre, called Niblo's, with gardens and open air amusements attached; but I believe it is not exempt from the general depression under which Theatrical Property, or what is humorously called by that name, unfortunately labours.
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