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Synonyms for amuse

Synonyms for amuse

to occupy in an agreeable or pleasing way

Synonyms for amuse

occupy in an agreeable, entertaining or pleasant fashion

Related Words

make (somebody) laugh

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FitzGerald" comprises a single sentence (fifty-six lines) of such unhurried calm, such imaginative yet unostentatious transitions, such dignity, such affectionate tact, as takes the reader's breath away, while leaving the poet amusedly unflustered.
Having served in military intelligence myself, I took this personally, though amusedly.
The students' teacher chaperones look on amusedly, knowing that many of the students' best-laid plans will come to naught.
Admittedly this Caribbean Rhapsody also had many of the elements of an old time showbiz revue--it ended with a third act, amusedly mocking stereotypes, set in ragtime Harlem, and even had a tiny young Eartha Kitt making her not all that noticeable London debut.
For example, although they do not tell a single success story concerning a Negro student or professional person in a sixty-page article, they do amusedly describe an unidentified Negro dean whose "head often itched when he talked to white men, because as a child he had habitually assumed the 'darky' pose of scratching his head and saying 'Yassir' to white men" (p.
And in a story sure to warm sightseers' hearts, a chillingly cool and maybe queer schoolgirl amusedly swindles gay Castro tourists--"soft and unaware, with pink faces .
He thinks of himself amusedly, "cozied up with his trollop and his toddy" (399).
The great thing about Case is the way she sounds inches away from emotional implosion and powerfully, often amusedly, in control of her formidable vocal resources at the same time.
and without hotel reservations, had to stay at an expensive hotel, the Vanderbilt, where, Kay noted amusedly, they were given a room with twin beds.
By punctuating Pockels's narrative with critical commentary, Holst formulated a dialogical debate and set her readers up to be awakened to injustice, as well as amusedly offended.
A wind tunnel made of Kogler's cloth led to a disco-cave in the basement, which the artists, amusedly recalling the basement parties of their youth, had furnished in a way that evoked a sort of psychedelic vertigo: Geiger's hybrid take on painting--carpeting made of cheap felt--stretched like the most wondrous fairy-tale landscape across the floor and hallway and up the wall, lit by a plastic bucket lamp shaped like Brancusi's endless columns.
He asks, rhetorically and amusedly, "whom have we heard .
After the years of isolation, he was now, he remarked amusedly, "visited by dozens of strangers, as if I were one of the ruins of Rome.
As they were leaving on their honeymoon, he amusedly opened the valise he was carrying.
The same wry Beauvoir who notes that The Second Sex was 'naturally' blacklisted by the Vatican (Force of Circumstance 200) amusedly observes to Algren in December 1949 that a "virtuous people northern league" had demanded police withdraw the offending text from bookshops in northern France, the proprietors of which were as a result being sued by Gallimard.