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Synonyms for amuse

Synonyms for amuse

to occupy in an agreeable or pleasing way

Synonyms for amuse

occupy in an agreeable, entertaining or pleasant fashion

Related Words

make (somebody) laugh

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Coetzee writes a detached, third-person and perhaps amusedly ironic "autrebiography" (to use his own term, adopted by Lenta, 2003), while every letter Head writes reflects her passionate, intelligent responsiveness to herself, her friends and her circumstances.
In keeping with Barker's source material, Jeff Buhler's screenplay mostly forgoes humor, although when Shields' gallery curator beholds an uncommercial frame and sighs, "Not holding my breath on that one--a tad too bleak," one thinks amusedly of the downbeat pic itself, whose fortunes certainly won't come in scant theatrical play.
Quickening her pace, Mylia was thinking, almost amusedly, I'm so hungry, I'm not going to die anymore!
As if just exiting this scene, the final hunter, holding a hooded falcon, stands hands on hip, gazing amusedly at his audience (fig.
FitzGerald" comprises a single sentence (fifty-six lines) of such unhurried calm, such imaginative yet unostentatious transitions, such dignity, such affectionate tact, as takes the reader's breath away, while leaving the poet amusedly unflustered.
Comedian George Carlin still performs a hilarious routine on "mutually exclusive terms." The most famous, I guess, is "military intelligence." Having served in military intelligence myself, I took this personally, though amusedly. Carlin's act sprang a bit too quickly to mind when my editor asked me to write about what some would regard as the equally hilarious subject of "insurance innovation."
The students' teacher chaperones look on amusedly, knowing that many of the students' best-laid plans will come to naught.
Admittedly this Caribbean Rhapsody also had many of the elements of an old time showbiz revue--it ended with a third act, amusedly mocking stereotypes, set in ragtime Harlem, and even had a tiny young Eartha Kitt making her not all that noticeable London debut.
The hill hates the houses." And in a story sure to warm sightseers' hearts, a chillingly cool and maybe queer schoolgirl amusedly swindles gay Castro tourists--"soft and unaware, with pink faces ...
He thinks of himself amusedly, "cozied up with his trollop and his toddy" (399).
Jackson later said, amusedly: "This is the first case I have ever tried when I had first to persuade others that a court should be established, help negotiate its establishment, and when that was done, not only prepare my case but find myself a courtroom in which to try it." (4)
and without hotel reservations, had to stay at an expensive hotel, the Vanderbilt, where, Kay noted amusedly, they were given a room with twin beds.
By punctuating Pockels's narrative with critical commentary, Holst formulated a dialogical debate and set her readers up to be awakened to injustice, as well as amusedly offended.
My friend Sweetle Peetles is having tea at my house and tells me of her new crow and, delighted, I say, "Rabbits are rounder than bandicoots sam!" She, knowing my love of the line, amusedly smiles.
A wind tunnel made of Kogler's cloth led to a disco-cave in the basement, which the artists, amusedly recalling the basement parties of their youth, had furnished in a way that evoked a sort of psychedelic vertigo: Geiger's hybrid take on painting--carpeting made of cheap felt--stretched like the most wondrous fairy-tale landscape across the floor and hallway and up the wall, lit by a plastic bucket lamp shaped like Brancusi's endless columns.