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Synonyms for amused

Synonyms for amused

pleasantly occupied

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Photos of Tynwald Mills' polar bear displays circulated social media, earning laughs from amused netizens who found the mammals' positioning lewd or pornographic.
He really amused us through his writing and his writing has an irreplaceable position in Urdu literature.
A special way to lift your spirits if you are experiencing long-term grief after the death of a parent, friend, child, spouse, grandparent, or other cherished relative is to allow yourself to be amused.
I AM always amused by the posts and comments of the self-proclaimed preachers of various political thoughts and religious sects on Facebook who give their interpretation to events and incidents and try to give a spin to all that is happening in the world.
A NEW programme of entertainment to keep the little ones amused over the school summer holidays has been being launched.
While some may find the fact that the rate of car break-ins goes down when Carter is in jail amusing, anyone whose car window Carter has smashed, or any other of his numerous victims, for that matter, are surely not amused.
She changed her seat, and he seemed more amused. She moved again, and then on her fourth move, he burst out laughing.
Nevertheless, these light entertainment perennials are still performing live today and continue to crease up coach loads of easily amused folk with weathered routines like the trumpet sketch - Bobby annoys Tommy with his trumpet, Tommy smashes it underfoot, Bobby goes mental - which, by now, have more barnacles on them than the footings of Blackpool pier at low tide.
He expects us to be amused. But if you look at him and freeze the frame at the bottom of the screen and look at his eyes, he clearly is not amused.
The reason I am amused is that up till I was 73 I was working hard and running my own cleaning business.
I was puzzled (and admittedly amused) by the comments of 'A worried expat', 'Shocking behaviour' (GDN, February 8).
A 'muse' has been the source of all inspiration in fashion; it is something that can constantly inspire us, just as we want people to be inspired and 'amused,'" explained Abdel Messih.
I was pretty amused by We their pathetic attitude, because I know I'm 10 times better than pond life such as this.
Matt, 27, pulled some out-of this-world faces to keep model Daisy, 21, amused as she sipped orange juice and dropped titbits for her pup Monty.
The Dubliner is said to be "very amused" by the computer game which even sees him dressed as a sexy stewardess.