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Synonyms for amuse

Synonyms for amuse

to occupy in an agreeable or pleasing way

Synonyms for amuse

occupy in an agreeable, entertaining or pleasant fashion

Related Words

make (somebody) laugh

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The Amuse range is made of borosilicate glass, which is chemical- and temperature-resistant.
The new toolchain will consist of the high-end MULTI IDE from Green Hills Software for embedded systems, the well-known modeling platform Enterprise Architect from Sparx Systems and the graphical UML debugger and code generator AMUSE from LieberLieber.
The ladies behind Amuse made sure of that, trawling trade shows in Paris and New York to find brands that would cater to the needs of clients in Egypt - daywear, cocktail wear and bold accessories.
The agreement combines Amuse Pictures' distribution rights with Toshiba's Internet, DVD software and other advanced technologies to capitalize on changes in the content distribution market such as the emergence of digital broadcasting via satellite and Internet-based broadcasting.
With the trend for personalization on mobile handsets continuing, we feel iStock's library will appeal to a vast market and are proud to provide our knowledge, experience and platform to help iStock enter the mobile space," said AMUSE CEO and founder Jennifer Koster.
To help systems engineers and software developers with their challenges LieberLieber Software now offers its simulation software AMUSE 2.
If behind every successful man there is an even more successful woman,why haven't they got the gumption to amuse themselves?
Designed to amuse, educate and comfort, parents can use Perfect Petzzz as "starter pets.
The object is for each comedian to amuse his or her colleagues for as long as they can with the most imaginative details of the performance they can dream up and sustain.
The action, which takes place from noon to 5pm, will include a bouncy castle, face painting, car boot sale and a clown to amuse the children.
Toshiba announced that it would acquire Amuse Pictures, Inc.
I make pictures to tell a story, to tell lies and to amuse.
It may amuse you Mother to try to Photograph during your solitude,'' she wrote.