atomic mass unit

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unit of mass for expressing masses of atoms or molecules

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President Kovind is to address the students for the 65th annual convocation ceremony of AMU.
He lauded the "visionary attitude" of Sir Syed and congratulated AMU on "its success in contemporary times".
Amu to Liberia, and said Government was pleased at his selection based on the confidence reposed in him by the AfDB president, Dr.
In his speech, Director of the Tunisian Institute for Strategic Studies, Hatem Ben Salem addressed the political, economic and social challenges facing the AMU, saying it is not possible to restart the Maghreb structure if the situation in some founding countries with problems that threaten their existence, remains unchangeable.
Chief Amu said: "I treat them all like my children.
The 1981 Act was necessitated because of an earlier Supreme Court ruling in Aziz Basha vs the Union of India that AMU was set up through an Act of the British legislature and not by the Muslims of India.
Abu Hassan, who also serves as a senator, added that participants at the meeting expressed their satisfaction with the AMU work, its quest to keep up with scientific progress and developments in the world, its focus on cooperation between various unions and medical associations in Arab countries.
Three major pumping stations lifting water from the Amu Darya, treatment facilities, irrigation and drainage networks were reconstructed within the project, the ministry said.
Amu Haji is said to be 80 years old and lives in a village in Fars province, where he is presumably rarely welcome indoors.
It will also help the AMU Alumni Association Bahrain commemorate the 197th birth anniversary of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan.
KUNDUZ CITY (PAN): Hundreds of homes and thousands of acres of farmland along Amu River banks have been protected from flooding with the execution of a project in northeastern Kunduz province, an official said on Saturday.
Speaking at the Sir Syed Day in Dubai on Friday, commemorating the 196th anniversary of the university's founder, Shah said AMU hostels house 15,000 students in a space meant for 6,000.
The ward sister who has spent the last seven years working in the hospital AMU will be supporting preparation for the refurbishment work on the wards commencing next spring.
Dress code rule for girls was by provost of the particular hostel, not by AMU.
In this message, Fouad Mebazaa expressed sincere wishes of health and happiness to HM the King and of further progress and prosperity to the Moroccan people, underlining "Tunisia's attachment to the AMU and its noble goals as a historic gain for all Maghreb peoples.