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someone who has had a limb removed by amputation

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The continuous line represents the gait of the amputee subject, and the dashed line--the normal person, as a reference.
Since being introduced to them last year, he has begun swimming, visiting amputees in hospital and tried go-karting.
Our only problem is seeing if there are enough amputees in the country as there's no database to see how many there are.
We would hear about the challenges that parents with incontinent amputee dogs faced.
When war amputee veterans started The War Amps nearly 100 years ago, they could not have predicted that their legacy would be remembered and carried on for years to come by young amputees like Ryley and Myles.
Kamlish, a single-leg amputee, clocked a world record in her heat of 12.
Literature search: The following keywords were used to search the electronical database PubMed and Web of Science (WoS) (2005-2015): upper extremity, upper limb, upper extremity amputee, upper limb amputee, transhumeral and transradial.
Even just walking around the squadron, practice egressing, running and returning to full duty days as an amputee, everything is more exhausting.
This highlights the great need for a simultaneous service provision to the amputee and his caregiver when dealing with the health issues of war veterans.
In the end, the Amputee Climb stayed true to its mantra of mind over mountain.
The sports management student said he hoped that modelling would help him to change people's perceptions of amputees.
TEHRAN (FNA)- An amputee feels rough or smooth textures in real-time -- in his phantom hand -- using an artificial fingertip connected to nerves in the arm.
An amputee is able to feel rough or smooth textures in real-time using an artificial fingertip connected to nerves in his upper arm.
WHY should being an amputee stop you being a superhero?