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of or related to an ampulla


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All patients showing false positive results demonstrated ampullary dilatation with contrast spill as also concluded by Karasick and others that ampullary dilatation in non-occluded tubes cannot be reliably used to make diagnosis of peritubal adhesions (22).
of Term Abortion Anastomosis Pregnancies Pregnancy Isthmo-isthmic (16) 10 09 01 Isthmo-ampullary (04) 02 02 00 Cornual implantation & Isthmo- 01 01 00 isthmic (1) Isthmo-isthmic & Isthmo- 01 00 01 ampullary (2) Isthmo-interstitial (2) 02 02 00 No.
Endoscopic ultrasound showed prominent ampulla with hypoechoic appearance indicative of an ampullary mass and dilated common bile duct (Figure 1).
Ep-CAM expression in pancreatic and ampullary carcinomas: frequency and prognostic relevance.
In order to obtain optimal tissue quality, the mouse prostate should be dissected en bloc, together with the urethra, bladder, seminal vesicles, ampullary glands, and proximal vas deferens (a.
In patients who have had a prior sphincterotomy, the degree of dilation may be negligible, as the pancreatic secretions fow into the duodenum without ampullary resistance.
The Cumulus-Oocyte-Complex (COC) was released with a needle from the ampullary region of each oviduct and then they were exposed to 0.
Intraopertory we found about 300mL of blood in the peritoneal cavity and the ampullary region of the right tube was distended with a 15 x 12 cm mass containing a fetus and placental tissue corresponding to a 23 week gestation pregnancy.
Endoscopic retrograde cholangiography is useful in identifying abnormality such as ampullary stenosis, focal pancreatic ductal abnormality and pancreas divisum.
Although other species use electroreceptors for target detection, to our knowledge, this is the first documentation of polarity discrimination using ampullary electroreceptors.
It came almost three years after she was diagnosed with ampullary cancer, which affects the digestive system.
Karen's career stalled in her later years and her husband Stephen Eckelberry said the family had spent every penny they had on treatment for her ampullary cancer, which affects the digestive system.
Among the topics are the endoscopic resection and dissection of early squamous cell carcinoma of the esophagus, detecting pre-malignant and malignant gastric lesions, capsule endoscopy and deep enteroscopy to image small bowel neoplasms, endoscopic therapy for ampullary and pancreatic neoplasms, and the endoscopic resection of advanced mucosal neoplasia and early cancer in the colon.
Oscar-nominated actress Karen Black has been battling ampullary cancer for more than two years and has now turned to crowdfunding to raise the money to undergo experimental treatment in Europe.