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of or related to an ampulla


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Ampullary neuroendocrine tumors appear to have a more aggressive behavior than nonampullary neuroendocrine tumors; in fact they generally are higher-grade tumors with a clinical presentation often characterized by obstructive jaundice due to compression or obstruction of the ampulla.
Biliary and pancreatic MANECs are highly exceptional entities, and prior to our study, 22 cases of ampullary MANECs have been reported in the literature (10).
Ampullary cancer is a cancer that arises from the ampulla of Vater, which is where the bile duct and pancreatic duct come together and empty into the small intestine.
Over 95% of ectopic pregnancies develop in fallopian tubes and usually in ampullary part.[5] Due to the increase in the incidence of sexually transmitted diseases, tubal surgery and more frequent use of ovulation induction and assisted reproductive technologies, the incidence of ectopic pregnancies has grown in the past 30 years according to many reports from developed countries.[2],[6]
Pancreatic cancers account for about two thirds of these cases, followed by ampullary cancers (about 20%) and distal cholangiocarcinomas (15%).
Histopathological examination of ampullary biopsy showed focal ulcerations with superficial mucosal necrosis and acute and chronic inflammation in the mucosa and lamina propria.
The biopsy showed ampullary adenoma with high-grade dysplasia (Figures 6(a) and 6(b)).
Hurd, "Laparoendoscopic Single-Site Salpingectomy in Isthmic and Ampullary Ectopic Pregnancy: Preliminary Report and Technique," Journal of Minimally Invasive Gynecology, vol.
A clinical diagnosis of obstructive defecation syndrome (Wexner constipation score = 14) and anterior anal fissure was made; the patient was then subject to colonoscopy and defecography that showed an anterior rectocele with an ampullary invagination.
The underlying diseases were pancreatic cancer in 50 patients, bile duct cancer in 4, lymph node metastases in 4, and ampullary cancer in 1.
We herein describe an extremely rare case in which these anomalies coexisted in a patient with ampullary region carcinoma treated by PD with the "artery-first" approach.
Operative data Number of % of study patients (n = 16) population Cholecystectomy [greater than or 7 43 equal to] 2 years priorly Cholecystectomy with 5 31 positive IOC Simultaneous 5 31 cholecystectomy at LAERCP Direct hospital transfer for 10 62 evaluation Electively scheduled 8 50 outpatient cases Conversion to open 1 7.6 procedure Complications related to 0 0 gastric access ERCP with ampullary 15 94 Cannulation
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