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of or related to an ampulla


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MRI and helical CT may find ampullar carcinomas that invade pancreas.
Fertilization occurs at mid-cycle in the female when a mature oocyte is ovulated and competent sperm are present in the ampullar region of the Fallopian tube.
The following conclusions were drawn: a) discriminant analysis confirms the androgen-dependence of both neuroendocrine cells and NPY-VIP innervation during the postnatal development of the rat prostate; b) periglandular innervation has more relevance than interglandular innervation in classifying the rats in age groups; and c) peptidergic nerves from ventral, ampullar and periductal regions were more age-dependent than nerves from the dorso-lateral region.
In prepubertal (PP) animals the morphologic identification of the ampullar, dorsal and ventral regions was not yet reliable; then, all the immunohistochemical and quantitative studies were performed in two different zones: the prostate (including the three undifferentiated ventral, dorsal and ampullar regions) and the duct zone (easily identified throughout all the age groups).
Four patients ultimately developed a second primary tumor--l cervical squamous cell carcinoma, 1 meningioma, 1 ampullar carcinoma, and 1 synchronous primary tumor of the lung.