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of or related to an ampulla


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Although driven only by ampullar contractions, this novel hemolymph flow exhibits a reversal frequency similar to that of intact vessels in a whole colony.
The pathology report confirmed the diagnosis of ectopic tubal pregnancy in left tube measuring 5.5x2.5 cm in ampullar portion and blood clot and chorionic villi in the tissue removed from the right tube (Figure 2).
MRI and helical CT may find ampullar carcinomas that invade pancreas.
Fertilization occurs at mid-cycle in the female when a mature oocyte is ovulated and competent sperm are present in the ampullar region of the Fallopian tube.
The following conclusions were drawn: a) discriminant analysis confirms the androgen-dependence of both neuroendocrine cells and NPY-VIP innervation during the postnatal development of the rat prostate; b) periglandular innervation has more relevance than interglandular innervation in classifying the rats in age groups; and c) peptidergic nerves from ventral, ampullar and periductal regions were more age-dependent than nerves from the dorso-lateral region.
Abbreviations used are: ASC anterior semicircular canal; LSC lateral semicircular canal; PSC posterior semicircular canal; ASCl length of the ASC; ASCw width of the ASC; LSCl length of the LSC; LSCw width of the LSC; PSCl length of the PSC; PSCw width of the PSC; AAP angle between ASC and PSC; APA ampullar line, connecting the centres of the anterior and posterior ampullae, and projected onto the sagittal plane; ASC-R radius of curvature of the ASC; LSC-R radius of curvature of the LSC; PSC-R radius of curvature of the PSC; SLI sagittal labyrinthine index.
Four patients ultimately developed a second primary tumor--l cervical squamous cell carcinoma, 1 meningioma, 1 ampullar carcinoma, and 1 synchronous primary tumor of the lung.
There may be limited blood cell leakage from the terminal ampullar vessels and perhaps partial fusion of outer tunics at selected points of contact.
The urogenital system was extracted and later the ductus deferens were dissected, sectioning part of the epididimary, funicular, pelvic and ampullar regions for the hitological study.
Second, the ampullae (termini of blood vessels) penetrated into the opposite colony and the ampullar tips came into contact with the sides of opposite ampullae (tip-to-side contact); at these contact points the colonies fused with each other.
Results from these experiments provide further evidence that Fu/HC-mediated allorecognition, the rejection effector system, or both, may be restricted to the ampullar tips, suggesting that allorecognition responses are not a colony-wide phenomenon in Botryllus.
In the present study, juveniles of the invertebrate ascidian chordate Molgula pacifica (belonging to the subphylum Urochordata), in which five ectodermal ampullar appendages grow out from the body wall of an early juvenile, were examined for two proteins that are known to be involved in the outgrowth of arthropod and vertebrate limbs.