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the dilated portion of a canal or duct especially of the semicircular canals of the ear

a flask that has two handles

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While each zooid has an independent heart and an open hemocoelic circulatory system, the entire colony shares a common vascular system that is embedded in the tunic and closed at its periphery by terminal ampullae, the contractile blind ends of marginal vessels (Fig.
Caption: A shark's snout contains tiny pores, known as ampullae of Lorenzini, that can sense weak electric fields from prey.
This electrosensory system, comprising many individual ampullae of Lorenzini, is used to detect minute electrical impulses for detection of prey and may also provide geolocation information (Murray, 1962; Kalmijn, 1982; Klimley, 2002).
Some electroreceptive animals sense electric charges with sensors called Ampullae of Lorenzini.
Spermatophore components show considerable variation with some small males producing large spermatophylaces, ampullae or sperm numbers, and some large males producing small spermatophylaces, ampullae or sperm numbers.
Physical labyrinthectomy is a surgical procedure in which the surgeon removes the inner ear contents, especially the utricle and attached ampullae.
Abbreviations used are: ASC anterior semicircular canal; LSC lateral semicircular canal; PSC posterior semicircular canal; ASCl length of the ASC; ASCw width of the ASC; LSCl length of the LSC; LSCw width of the LSC; PSCl length of the PSC; PSCw width of the PSC; AAP angle between ASC and PSC; APA ampullar line, connecting the centres of the anterior and posterior ampullae, and projected onto the sagittal plane; ASC-R radius of curvature of the ASC; LSC-R radius of curvature of the LSC; PSC-R radius of curvature of the PSC; SLI sagittal labyrinthine index.
This tube gives rise to numerous prolongations (12 in the type) of diverse lengths; some of them bifurcate, without terminal ampullae
Mary Magdalen from Bethany to Vezelay; a relic exhibition at Aachen that included the shift that the Virgin had worn on the night of the nativity and Christ's swaddling-bands; ampullae filled with a solution of the blood of Thomas Becket, which could effect cures.
These senses include (1) smell and taste (chemoreception); (2) vision (photoreception); (3) hearing, touch, and a lateral line system (mechanoreception); and (4) ampullae of Lorenzini (electroreception).
It includes not only generous annotations, but also two appendices (one on ampullae portraying Thecla, another on the popularity of Thecla as a woman's name in late antique Egypt), over thirty pages of maps and photographs, and a full bibliography.
5-1 m), they can use their ampullae of Lorenzini, jelly-filled tubes near the nostrils opening to the exterior, capable of measuring salinity and temperature, as well as perceiving electromagnetic fields.
While receptor hair cells in the ampullae of the semi-circular canals respond to rotatory or angular acceleration of the head, the utricle and saccule (collectively referred to as the `otoliths') respond to linear acceleration (including linear acceleration by gravity).