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the dilated portion of a canal or duct especially of the semicircular canals of the ear

a flask that has two handles

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9, 10): valva not furcated and apical part of ampulla blunt shaped; uncus part deeply concave and bilobed; saccus elongated downward and very slender; ductus bursae of female genitalia shorter than corpus bursae (Fig.
Upper gastroduodenal endoscopy revealed diverticular opening near the site of ampulla of Vater (approximately 1.2 cm in diameter and depth around 1 cm).
Other tumor sites included the rectum, the pancreas, the ampulla of Vater, the sigmoid colon, and the ductus choledochus.
CDFI revealed that sparse color flow signals were seen around the urethra, the bladder neck was 19 mm above the pubic symphysis, the uterus was 17 mm above the pubic symphysis, and ampulla portion of rectum was located at the pubic symphysis.
She underwent a computed tomography (CT) scan and an ultrasound, both of which showed a grossly distended and thickened gallbladder containing numerous gallstones, with a distended bile duct and inflammatory changes extending to the ampulla of Vater.
In one patient, the ampulla could not be identified endoscopically.
As clots travel through the hepatopancreatic ampulla, patients may preferentially complain of discomfort at the level of the right hypochondrium, extending to the epigastrum [8, 10].
Endoscopic ultrasonography was performed to investigate other causes, but the ampulla of Vater could not be observed due to technical difficulty.
As in other mammalians, the camelids oviduct comprises four segments with different roles: utero-tubal junction (UTJ), isthmus, ampulla and infundibulum with the particularity that UTJ forms a kink-like anatomical constriction ending in a small papilla that is projected into the uterus.
When researchers applied a threshold for significance of P less than .000001, the summary random effects were significant in 35 meta-analyses; 31 of these found increased risk with adiposity of esophageal adenocarcinoma, multiple myeloma, and cancers of the colon, rectum, liver, biliary tract system (cancers of gallbladder, extrahepatic bile duct, and ampulla of Vater), pancreas, post-menopausal breast, endometrium, and kidney.
The first endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography was performed by a surgeon, McCune, in 1968 with endoscopic cannulation of the ampulla (17).
In the rendezvous technique for EUS-BD, a temporary fistula at the stomach or the bulb is created followed by placement of a guidewire through the biliary duct and the ampulla into the duodenum; then, ERCP is reperformed using the EUS-guided placed wire.
Paired spermathecae in 8 and 9; the voluminous and ovoidal ampulla joins a duct as long as the ampulla diameter.
They were easily recognized by the lack of prominent subscutellum (fig.2), presence bare greater ampulla at the wing base (fig.3), absence stout bristles on the meron (fig.4), antennal pedicel with a complete dorsal seam, the ptilinal suture and lunule were present (fig.5).
When the driver went to wake him Mr Brown, then of Ampulla Road in Croxteth, punched him in the head.