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the dilated portion of a canal or duct especially of the semicircular canals of the ear

a flask that has two handles

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Endoscopic cannulation of the ampulla of Valor: a preliminary report.
Endoscopic ultrasound showed prominent ampulla with hypoechoic appearance indicative of an ampullary mass and dilated common bile duct (Figure 1).
10) Similarly, the predominance of enterochromaffin (EC) cell serotonin-producing NETs in the ileum and appendix and [delta] cell somatostatin-producing NETs in the duodenum and ampulla is abnormal despite the even distribution of EC and [delta] cells throughout the GI and pancreatobiliary tracts.
In some very small babies <6 kg, 5 F Judkins Right was used to appreciate the size and morphology of the duct using mildly diluted hand pushed contrast just a 1-2 mm below the ampulla of the duct.
After holding the rectal ampulla with allies forceps, it was exteriorized and a circular piece of blind rectal end was removed with size corresponding to the new anal opening in skin.
Two distinctly different types of spermatophores were produced by Phyllopalpus males, differing in both the size of the ampulla and in the structure of the spermatophore tube (Fig.
On the other hand, bifurcation of a single ureteral bud proximal to the ampulla gives rise to a duplex kidney with a bifid pelvis or ureter3.
Endoscopy revealed a polypoid pedunculated lesion (9 cm) at D1-D2 junction with stalk attached to ampulla [Figure 1].
Synthetic human secretin, manufactured under the brand name ChiRhoStim[TM], was approved by the FDA in 2004 for the stimulation of pancreatic secretions to help diagnose pancreatic exocrine dysfunction, stimulation of gastrin secretion to help diagnose gastrinoma, and facilitation of the identification of the ampulla during ERCP.
Adenosquamous carcinoma of the ampulla of Vater--an unusual neoplasia with poor prognosis
A new CT scan revealed a considerable aerial distension of the ileal and colic loops, mainly of the transverse and descending colon, with no radiocontrast outside the rectal ampulla.
Cyttarocylis ampulla (Kent) Bachy Dolan and Lopez-Garcia 2012 (=Petalotricha ampulla=Petalotricha serrata)
The male accessory sex glands of mammals include the prostate gland, the vesicular glands, the glands of the ampulla and the bulbourethral glands.
1), with an avulsed distal common bile duct and ampulla of Vater (Fig.