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a small bottle that contains a drug (especially a sealed sterile container for injection by needle)

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However, the precursor partial pressure at any location in the delivery system depends strongly on the specifics of the delivery system design, e.g., the existence of a drop between the ampoule headspace and the measurement location [21-25].
The word "ampoule" has appeared in State Administration for Market Regulation (and its predecessor) since 2014.
The highly concentrated ampoule's strength is its freshness, courtesy of the beige or brown individual packaging.
With its latest Ampoule Concentrate system, Minnavi has brought customizable skincare to the masses.
Conclusion: Majority of patients prefer Vitamin D tablet instead of Oral liquid in glass ampoule if they got the choice among two.
JAC also produces single-use glass ampoules for inhalation, dropper tip assemblies for dispensing liquids, and tandem applications where two substances are mixed immediately prior to use.
The machines have ampoule feeding systems to the leak detector: transport systems with product holders; switches for ampoule separation; inspection electrodes; ampoule discharge systems; machine guards; ozone exhaust systems; electrical panel with all inspection devices and PLC and colour monitors.
In its combi version, the ALF 5000 optionally processes injection bottles in addition to ampoules, combined with easy changeovers.
"On 29 December 2011, the Ministry of Health formed a committee with members of the prosecutor general's office, to investigate a case in which pharmacist Omer Awni has been accused of supplying ineffective insulin ampoules from the Danish drug company Novo Nordisk in Baghdad, and pharmacist Fahmi Jalal for distributing them to Liala Qassim Diabetes Hospital in Erbil," Dr.
The drawing-up technique was standardised as follows: the 5 [micro]m filter needle was inserted to the bottom of the ampoule and the full 2 ml of fentanyl was aspirated into the syringe to ensure mixing.
The laboratory geometric mean estimates for each of the duplicate ampoules of 94/674, expressed as mN of the IRP per ampoule, are shown in Fig.
To perform a test, the user snaps off the tip of a Vacu-vials ampoule below the surface of the sample.
A pertinent word of advise for the patient visiting hospital and clinics would be to make sure that before getting themselves injected, the syringe being used is a new one and the injection is taken from an ampoule which is discarded afterwards, and not vial which is used repeatedly causing a serious threat of infection.
Williams had signed for a delivery of five ampoules of 100 mg of diamorphine, which had not been entered on the controlled drugs register, and the dispenser found an ampoule top in a bathroom above the pharmacy.